spam and possible scam site

Name: Giuseppe CG (possible fake name)
Facebook: Giuseppe CG
Email: [email protected]
Hosted on:
Server: []

Since begin of June 2020 we are getting a lot of messages regarding this site and the owner Giuseppe CG is aggressively spamming on different facebook channels for expats, advertising for join his site for get the complete information about the pandemic and covid19.

The owner/spammer of this site, which on facebook uses the name of Giuseppe CG, spams on different channels for expats.
Giuseppe is aggressively spamming on those facebook channels to try to get new members to his site.
This Giuseppe created specially a profile on facebook for this purpose, just a profile without posts, friends, and just one photo, which we dont know if it is him or a fake photo.

Spamming/advertising aggressively as how Giuseppe does, is forbidden by european law, thus Team Antiscam shall request to the webhoster, to shut down the domain immediately. For this, we will contact the abuse department and the hostmaster of
When we have the answer from the hoster and more news, we will update it here.

Also as earlier mentioned, this Giuseppe CG has a facebook profile, without posts or other things but surely and only for promote aggressively his site on different channels there. We shall contact facebook too, to remove his profile completely from facebook due that Giuseppe CG are violating the TOC from Facebook.

As evidence, here you can see the screenshots which i made, as how people are very irritated by this guy Giuseppe CG due that he is spamming aggressively a lot of times on different FB channels promoting his website

And why is also possible a SCAM site?
Due to the situation of the Covid-19, in the countries where they have a strict or moderate quarantine, the information provided by those goverments shall be for free, but doesnt show any snippet of this information and people are forced to join the site, there is a one month free subscription, but as for the situation now with the worldwide pandemic, this will not be enough, there are only the free month subscription and after a year subscription. Another option does not offer. Also i didnt see any refund policy on his site. But as far as i know the information there, mostly is related with the quarantine, which you can get it for free through internet, on different facebook groups for expats, but also on Telegram, viber, whatsapp…

We have contacted several times with this Giuseppe but he didnt answer at all. But as you can see to his answers to the people on facebook, he does not give clearly an answer, or he is just evading the question at all, because Giuseppe CG knows very good that spamming aggressively is not allowed.

Team Antiscam, we not only protect you against scammers but also against SPAMMERS!!

P.S: If you are an expat and need the most recent information about the quarantine in the country where you are right now, contact your embassy or consulate, they can provide you with the most recent information, or visit their websites.

Maftuna Rakhimova from Denau (Surhkondaryo) Uzbekistan

Name: Maftuna Rakhimova (Maftuna Raximova)
Other names: Maria, Thainura, Thulayxo, 
Date of birth: Unknown, she gives different birth dates to people
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +998904104600, 
Facebook: Maftuna Rakhimova,
Other sites:,,,,

Note from the Admin: We got a lot of scam reports about this person, the description will be a review of the scam reports we got in the last couple of years. Her profile on has been deactivated due to scam reports there.

Description: Maftuna, maria, Thainura she uses such names in different dating sites, seeking men for apparently marriage. When it comes to the point of real meet, then suddenly she asks you to send her a scan or copy of your passport and a copy of your bank card (see chat conversation on FB below). Apparently she works with Ekaterina klimova (Ekaterina klimova’s callgirls/escorts). Never give such information to people who you don’t know or never meet in real.

Photos used:

Reported by: Steven Wright, Alan Clark, UKRob, HarleyDave, Yusuf, Eliot Russel, 

Crystal Alquiza from Iligan City, (Northern Mindanao), Philippines

Name: Crystal Alquiza
Other names: Talya, talya alquiza, Amore Gandaga,
Date of birth: 24-01-1998, 24-12-1996 (Giving different birth dates)
Phone: +639089413863,
Skype: crystalalquiza, crystal.alquiza, 
E-mail: [email protected],
Instagram: @talya_alquiza,
Facebook: Facebook,
Other sites: Pinalove(1), Pinalove(2), Pinalove(3), Sometag,,

Description: Some days ago she contacted me through pinalove (see screenshot down this post in the gallery), but i knew her already from winter of 2015 when she also contacted me through the same site and i found out she is a cheater and scammer, having a relationship with one guy from Tacoma named Steve Russell, when i told her this, she blocked me on pinalove. Yesterday she changed suddently her name on facebook to Amore Gandaga just to avoid to find her and see the truth. She is a scammer, money beggar and a big liar.

Photos used:

Reported by: Rick Masters from Los Angeles, California, United States (mas**rs*ri*k**

Jerizza Rosales Lasat from Naga city, (Camarines Sur), Philippines

Name: Jerizza rosales lasat
Other names: jhe.lasat, jherizza,
Date of birth: Unknown, she gives different birth dates to people
Addresses: 4F GP apartment panganiban drive barangay concepcion naga city camarines sur,
Phone: +639075694057,
Skype: jhelasat06,
Facebook: Facebook(1), Facebook(2), Facebook(3),
Other sites: Pinalove,

Description: Through pinalone she started contacting me  in February 2017 and we started to get acquainted. After several days she began to ask me money for her studies and also for her daughter zianna and in her letters the word I love you and dear rick came a lot of time. She gave me her skype and there she offered me sexcamshow for 20 pesos asking me to send the money to her viber wallet. Also she wanted meet me in real and gave me her address offering  sex all night for 1500 pesos but don’t know if this address is real, i never met up with her and didn’t give her any dollar, she’s just a ordinary scammer and whore.

Photos used:

Reported by: Rick Masters from Los Angeles, California, United States (mas**rs*ri*k**

Por Nareerat from Phran kratai (Kamphaeng Phet), Thailand

Name: Por Nareerat
Nickname: Por, Nareerat, little por, 
Date of birth: Unknown, she gives different birth dates to people
Place: Khui ban-ong village, Phran kratai, Kamphaeng Phet 62110
E-mail: [email protected],
Line ID: little_por30,
Facebook: Facebook (1),
Other sites:,

Description: I found  her on thaifriendly and we started communicate. After some days she felt on live with me and we moved to her FB profile and she sent me many pics to me and proposed me about marriage, for prepare all she asked me financial support for the wedding celebration, dowry, buy house and car and asked me 3.500.000 baht in total, one million baht for dowry and 2.500.000 baht for buy house and car. I offered her to do such when i will come to her and when we will get married, after that she blocked me on her FB.

She’s a plain gold digger and scammer, looking for financial support because her family are farmers and very poor.

Photos used:

Reported by: Steven Williamson from  Huntington Beach LA (California), United States, ste*i**_me***[email protected]

Thitikan Kamnet from Kalasin, Thailand

Name: Thitikan Kamnet
Nicknames: nat, nat_kamnet,
Skype: thitikan.kamnet
Phone: +66801811591
E-mail: [email protected],
Facebook: Facebook (1),
Other sites:,,

Description: I met this girl on in november of 2015 and we started our acquaintance there. One month later Thitikan wanted continue through skype with me and we communicate and video chat everyday. In february of 2016 we agreed to meet in real in Bangkok, and in the last week of february i arranged a trip to Bangkok to meet with her. When i arrived there Thitikan wasnt at the airport and i got a sms asking me to come to rayong where she works. Finally when i arrived in rayong she was there working in novotel hotel rayong and i stayed there for 2 weeks. In the 2 weeks we just meet and talk to know each other better, 2 days before i was leaving Thailand, she proposed to marry with me and we agreed to marry on 26 of june, she wanted 300.000 baht dowry and if it was possible to give that money before my departure to France, but this was not possible for me because for such amount i need to take it from my safe in the bank in my city Paris, France, such i told to her. Back in France i prepared all documents and all necessary for the marriage. In the last week of may i came back to Bangkok where we agreed to meet there because it was need to go together to the embassy of France in Bangkok to get a document for marry in Thailand. But Thitikan Kamnet didnt show up at all, her phone was switch off and when i came to the hotel where she was working in rayong, the hotel manager told me, thitikan kamnet’s contract was finished and she went back to kalasin in june of 2016. I tried to text her and to contact on skype but no answer. I stayed 2 weeks in Bangkok and tried everyday to contact Thitikan, but she didnt answer me anymore and blocked me on skype. She is just a dowry scammer and found out on her facebook she was engaged with some guy from Holland.
Photos used:

Reported by: Pierre Parisien

Haruthai Chantham from Bangkok, Thailand

Name: Haruthai Chantham
Skype: harufon
Line ID: fonharu
Phone: 0865334469
Email adresses used: [email protected][email protected]
Facebook: Facebook(1), Facebook(2, with foreigners),
Other sites: thaifriendly, linkedin, wayn,
Description: I met this girl through dating site we started communicate there. After some days she asked me to show scan of my passport and also wanted have my credit card information ‘to prove i am real’ and that she wants so much see other countries because she never meet foreigners and also never was in other countries. I got suspicious why she wants have copy of my passport and began to search through internet and found she has 2 facebook profiles, in one profile you will see all photos made in Thailand and in her friendlist only thai people just to deceive you. On her second facebook profile, you can see photos of her trips to United Kingdom, Italy and some other countries within Europe, meeting with foreigners who pay her stay in exchange for sex. She denies to have facebook and when I confronted her with this, she blocked me on thaifriendly.
Photos used:

Reported by: Pierre Parisien

6th aniversary of!

On 5 February of 2011 became online, since then many things happened, change of crew, site changes and improves, SEO improve, but want to keep the site simple, clean, easy to navigate with the traditional desktop computers or with mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets or even smart TV’s. There are success stories where thanks to those scammers got prosecuted by the law and others got their money back to the victims. We got more then 2000 unique hits each day from all the corners of the world. I want say to all who make possible this site:

Thank you to all who has contributed, reported scammers and reported scam/spam sites.

We should keep up the good work.
But we don’t rest and remember: We protect you against scammers!!
Michel Peterson
Administrator and the contributors/staff of

New site administrator

Hello my name is Michel Petersen 31 years, from Gent, Belgium working in the law sector. Since 15 of January 2017 i am the new site administrator. Our team remains the same. Some information on this site needs to be changed, please allow me some time to do this. Of course you can still contact us through the contact form or if you’ve been scammed.
I want to say thanks to Evgeney for his work done here in the past years and wish him and his family all the best, luck and wealth in the future.
Thank you and remember: We protect you against scammers.
Michel Petersen, site administrator.