Tereza Roskho, Larisa Roshko from Chernivtsi Ukraine

The most active awful scammer on the internet: Tereza Mikolayivna Roshko from Chernivtsi Ukraine. For the recent updates and message please scroll down. (Last update was on: 15 July 2013)

WARNING: Since november of 2012 this scammers are active on facebook with the same story, be careful with them.

Update 15 July 2013: Igor Gaidara has sent to us recent photos about the house from this scammers, already added to the photo gallery.

A very well documented about this scammer that nowadays are still active on dating sites always looking for new victims. All recopilation of the information what we received since the summer of 2007.

Name: Tereza Mikolayivna Roshko (Alias Tereza Roshko, larisa roshko)
Date of birth: 08 august 1977
Marital status: Divorced (2 times, confirmed)
Address: Kirovogradska 32 58000 Chernivtsi Ukraine
Home Phone numbers: 0372-524921 (unknown if still working)
Cell phone numbers: +380637423351, +380679271258, +380954982709, +380631503766
E-mail adresses: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
Operates/Operated on site(s): bride.ru, heavenlyhearts.net, photoswomen.com, bride.md, lava-place.com, all4dating.com, womensingle.com, beautifulrussian-bride.w-ru.com, russianmarriagetour.com, russian-lovingwomen.com, lovetravel-kiev-kharkov.com, facebook.com,
IP addresses:,,,

First report from: Stefanos M. (Athens, Greece), email: *****t**_**a**v*@yahoo.com

I have meet her in march of 2004 through bride.ru, her ID number on that site was #137098, she wrote me first letter that wanted to be friends. After continuing the communication she wrotes that her sister named roza is a dancer and that they want to come to Greece all of them, Teresa, Larisa (her mother) and Roza (her sister) to perform acts and after they wanted start business in Greece, they were very quickly to send scans of their passports, suposed for make the visa. The conversation was more about roza and her talents then about Teresa. I didnt agree for that and then they invited me come to Chernivtsi (Ukraine). Of course before that i accepted such invitation, wanted to know Teresa more better, but the answers was in very poor english and many of the sentences was impossible to understand. In june of 2004 i agreed the invitation and after that my visa for Ukraine was given to me, i came to Borispol airport where Teresa promised meet me there, but was no sign of Teresa, i called on her cell phone asking where she was, then i understood that she was at home in Chernivtsi “waiting for me” and that her mother Larisa was waiting me at the train station in Kiev. It was for me unpleasant surprise that she make promise for our first meeting and that she didnt come, i was thinking… strange, but well, can happen. I call to her mother Larisa and she explained me how to arrive to the train station in Kiev. When i arrived she was waiting for me, we buy train tickets and we go to Chernivtsi. Once we arrived there, Teresa was waiting at the train station. My big surprise was that there was a completely different girl then what i did see on bride.ru. The house where they live is very old and nearly to be collapsed!. It was good idea that i taken hotel room at the “Bucovina Hotel”. I stay there for 3 weeks, in that time she showed me the city, walk in the park, we talked a lot, she was very cheerful, of course her english was not good but we making understandable. When my visa was near to expire, we decided to marry in Athens Greece, i was in love with her. After our marriage in Greece celebrated on 14 august of 2004, we came to Ukraine and then the first signs of nightmarre begun, her mother Larisa says what we must do and what not, if i wanted go to the city with Teresa, walking in the park, go to the river, her mother always says that can be in the evening but first must do work at the garden. It was look like that i was married with Larisa and not with Teresa. I wanted to start business there and asked for help to Teresa because i didnt speak russian at all, she always was having another excuses for not help and she only was talking about her study and to have children. I didnt want to have children in such old house and wanted to buy our home, Teresa was willing to help find our home but the cheapest 2 room flat costs 20.000 euro. When i went back in Greece, have taken a credit from the bank and has transfer this money to Teresa so that she was be able to buy flat there for us. Some weeks later i came back to Chernivtsi, Teresa tolds me that flats was more expensive it was now 30.000 euro. I told to Teresa that there was not more money and that we should search for something in Chernivtsi or in another place in the Ukraine for that amount. Teresa dont wanted live in another city because she wanted be with her mother and her mother didnt give permission to live somewhere else. Suddently Teresa wanted come with me to Athens, so i prepared all documents for her visa, they give it to her, and we went back to Greece, then all things went worse. Teresa wanted have directly the Greek citizenship, but for that there are our inmigration laws. When her visa was near to expire we went back to Chernivtsi and all begins to be worse!. Her mother Larisa pushed Teresa to divorce from me and says that she are looking for another men because “i was not good enough for her”. We agreed to divorce in september of 2005, but Teresa must be in Greece to apply for divorce because we was married there! also i asked her to return me the 20.000 euro, Teresa tells me that she will only give if she has the divorce documents from Greece in her hands. I was very stupid to agree, because after that, she never returned my money. I started a lawsuit in Greece against her and Larisa, on 22 november 2005 Teresa was sentenced to 6 years of prison due to robbery of my money! if she did not give back the money. After all of this i understood that from the very first letter was written by Larisa Roshko and never by Teresa.

From the Admin: I shortened the letter because it was much more longer and have published only the most relevant events and details. Thanks for your accurate report!.

Second report from: Michael H. Tappert. (Hamburg, Germany), email: *a***v****u*@web.de

Teresa contacted me through bride.ru in august of 2004 and after continuing our conversation she wrotes that they are ectress and that has a sister who is dancer, they send me photos and video about their work. The most of our communication was about their work and that they wanted come to Hamburg, because (suddently) owns also a medical practice and wanted to open a filial in Hamburg. When i told that for such business they need many documents and permissions, she talk how to get work in cruises (because my own profession is design, build and sale cruises), explained that i cannot provide such job on cruise for them, its just my customers who can do this but that i can give to them some audio visual material if Teresa provides this to me, she only sent me 1 video and 2 photos what is not enough. I began to realize that she only looking for men for come to abroad and their business, when i told this to Teresa she changed completely and she didnt write anymore about their professions but wrotes that she felt deeply in love with me, actually i didnt believe that. I asked to her very accurately what was her propose of future, why she has put profile on bride.ru?, i mean, to marry, have children, create family, she didnt never give a detailed answer and i broken the contact with her in juni of 2005 because was having such feel that she was only for get visa and work in germany or europe, not to get married and create family, in short word: a scammer, gold digger.

Third report from: “Gaidara”, email: ***g**i*@hotmail.com

I have meet Teresa on bride.ru where my profiles was, she wrotes me as first saying that she want to be friends with me. In december of 2005 we have meet in Chernivtsi, in februari 2006 we get married in Chernivtsi and legalized the marriage in The Netherlands. She living in a very old house, the other part has started to collapse, there isnt electricity, gas and running water. I wanted buy flat in Chernivtsi and start business there, Teresa never helped me to get the documents for start business, and for the flat she says it was not necessary, her mother Larisa wanted sale her property for 15.000 euro to me. I agreed with exception that when she has received the money she should move to another location. We make “sale agreement document” for that. In june of 2007 Larisa wanted have 10.000 euro more, but i didnt agree. Teresa wanted came to Holland, i prepare documents for visa but the embassy of The Netherlands in Kiev dont wanted give to her visa and they dont wanted tell me the reason of the refuse. When Larisa wrote to the embassy finally they gave visa to Teresa and we came to Holland in oktober of 2007. Het visa was valid until 28 october 2007 When the visa was near to expire she dont wanted go back to Chernivtsi and pressures me and my family that she must have longer visa. We went to the Inmigration Department and they gave to her longer visa, the new expiration date was on 26 december 2007 and more prolongation was absolutely not more possible. When the visa was near to expire, she dont wanted go back to Chernivtsi, resulting that Teresa becames illegal in Holland with all consequences of it, Teresa wanted only 1 thing and that was dutch citizenship, but for that she must be in Holland living and working (legally), also she must speak perfectly dutch for that because she must do several exam of dutch inmigrationin the Embassy of The Netherland in Kiev. Many problems arised resulting that on 14 may of 2008 the inmigration police came to our house  and wanted take her to the “deportation zone”, when i talked with them they gave her 10 days to leave Netherlands (Europe), we went back to Chernivtsi on 22 may of 2008, but Teresa was not be able coming back to Europe for the rest of 2008. In summer of 2008 all things became as nightmarre, her mother Larisa pushed Teresa to divorce from me and even Larisa tolds to me that Teresa has meet another and more better man. I went back to Holland in october 2008. In december of 2008 i received an email from the United States, the sender was named Mark Hite from Fort Lee (New Jersey), writing that he has meet Teresa in november 2007 in my city The Netherlands! he told me all detailed information about that. He has meet her on heavenlyhearts.net in summer of 2007 she wrotes as first to him. He tolds me that Teresa wanted very much go with him to the United States. When Mark wanted prepare the documents from the local government in my city, then he heard that Teresa is married with dutch man. Mark was very angry to Teresa and he went back to the U.S. Since end of 2008 Teresa did not more contact me, even she havent give me back my 15.000 euro, i have put her and Larisa at the Court due to steal money and marriage fraud. She divorced in the Ukraine without giving any notice to me, she are still married in The Netherlands and Europe because she didnt legalize the documents of divorce. I and my family has put Teresa and Larisa at the International Court in The Hague due to marriage fraud and steal the money, the appeal was on 15 May 2010 sentencing both to pay back the money or acomplishing the transfer of the property in Kirovogradska 32. Also all embassys has been noticed about this, and they’re signaled as “Persona non grata” that means they cannot leave their country for a very long period. Now Teresa are again active on russian matrimonial agency sites searching for a new victim and making false promises.

Note from the admin: I shortened the letter because it was much more longer and have published only the most relevant events and details. Thanks for your accurate report, the photos and scans!.

Fourth report from: Mark Hite (Fort Lee (NJ) United States), email: *a***e**o****@gmail.com

I have meet Teresa through the website Heavenlyhearts.net in summer of 2007, i wrote to her as first, because her profile was looking real, honest and liked her photo. After the first contact, Teresa wanted soon to have a real meet with me in The Netherlands or in Ukraine, she was be able to travel because she was born in The Netherlands but from ukrainian parents living and working in Holland thats why the double citizenship she said. I meet her in The Netherlands on november of 2007 in city Inmunden or somewhat like that. It was all a big lie, i spent money and waste my time for nothing, only for another scammer who wanted to get better for herself. Thanks to Teresa my trust to the people has been damaged forever!.

Update 10 february 2011 from: “Keltish brise” (Scotland), email: d**i***a*@bt-online.com

I found her on heavenlyhearts.net in september of 2008, we started aquaintance, she told about that they are actresses and her sister are singer or dancer. In november of that year we meet in her city, i take hotel room in center city. After 5 days her mother larisa wanted that we get married but i resigned, it was all prepared by her mother.

Update 12 february 2011 from: G. Novikov Admin of photoswomens.com

The profile of Tereza Roshko on www.photoswomens.com and their affiliates has been removed by the site administrator after we have received complains.

Update 14 february 2011 from: Bruce, (Birmingham, United Kingdom), email: k***b***@live.co.uk

This woman contacted me through photoswomens.com, her first message was “I am teresa and live in city tchernovtsy”. We started acquaintance, she shows me some photos of city university. She felt in love with me and wanted meet. I didnt get have opportunity to answer because the site admin deleted her profile due to scam reports. When i get a try on google, found this site and was very frightened. Regards, Bruce from Birmingham (United Kingdom)

Update 18 march 2011 from: Miguel Martinez, (Madrid, Spain), email: m***2**a**@jazztel.es

This people uses new email address [email protected], when i did a IP check on google ( i found your site. This is the last message they have sent to me: “Hello Miguel! i sew your photo.Okey! In Kiev can meet you my mouther. We have many troubels  naw nere by house. Olso i have many troubels  with my bissnes. It is very difikoult to make it  alone. I belive, you will help me, take money with you, i need 20.000 evro and we do bissnes tougeter. GoodLuck! Teresa“.

Update 20 march 2011 from: Vincent O. (Milano, Italy), email: v***e****3**@netsurf.it

This is interesting, some while ago, this people contacted me about to start business in Italy. I didn’t take this serious, here are the last letter i’ve received: “Hello ! i live in Ukraina. Yes we can make aur bissnes. I will give you my acount in bank, and you can transfer monhy. I have tow bissnes of mine. Good luck!

Update 21 February 2012 from: Omar Azzaouralli (Cadiz, Spain), email: ***23**an**@gmail.com

They write me a letter from address: [email protected] some days ago, but with name larisa roshko, in the letter they write: “Hello Omar! I am Julia and i want to be frends with you. Write me. Julia”. Searching for the name of the email address on internet i came to your website, also the ip address listed here. I not answered the letter. Masha’Allah.

Update 28 February 2012 from the admin: In the past days we received more reports from this scammer using the new email address: [email protected], writing letters as Yuliya Biryukova, Julia Biriukova, Juliya Birjukova.

We received news from Telekanal Chernivtsi ([email protected]) that Larisa Roshko has started a lawsuit against the Mayor of Chernivtsi, read the full article here, and we have added some screenshots from the news program “Reporter” in the Gallery:


Sites where Tereza and Larisa Roshko are active at the moment of this publication:

HeavenlyHearts.net and their affiliates (since september 2006)

facebook.com Tereza Roshko (since december of 2012)

facebook.com Larisa Roshko 1 (since march od 2011)

facebook.com larisa Roshko 2 (since february of 2012)

The questionnaire on those profiles have different answers, the photos are mostly the same, when Tereza was only 14 years old!!. To see all photos and scans look at the gallery, some photos are commented. This scammer works on different manner then the ‘common’ mail scammers who asking directly to send money through Western Union or MoneyGram. This page will be kept updated if more relevant information cames about them.

Here all the photos of Tereza, Larisa, visa Tereza (pay attention to the border stamps date in her passort) and screenshots from the dating sites where she was or is active.

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  1. Thanks a LOT!!. I searched her name, city and country on google and found your site! She has contacted me some days ago from the site photosofwomen.com when i asked to her about this site she blocked me. Anyway keep up the good work! thanks for this report.

  2. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  3. Scammer is now the most active on facebook….
    Also the street name has been changed, its now:
    Vasylia Vyshyvanogo number 32

  4. ROSHKO LARYSA IVANIVNA stolen from me many money with her FAKE business with name:
    You can find it here:
    With the money she use to rebuild her house and buy expensive things, her daughter TEREZA MIKOLAYIVNA ROSHKO is a prostitute seeking men for sex.
    Her house is half destroyed and many garbage around, this people must be jailed forever!!!

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