spam and possible scam site

Name: Giuseppe CG (possible fake name)
Facebook: Giuseppe CG
Email: [email protected]
Hosted on:
Server: []

Since begin of June 2020 we are getting a lot of messages regarding this site and the owner Giuseppe CG is aggressively spamming on different facebook channels for expats, advertising for join his site for get the complete information about the pandemic and covid19.

The owner/spammer of this site, which on facebook uses the name of Giuseppe CG, spams on different channels for expats.
Giuseppe is aggressively spamming on those facebook channels to try to get new members to his site.
This Giuseppe created specially a profile on facebook for this purpose, just a profile without posts, friends, and just one photo, which we dont know if it is him or a fake photo.

Spamming/advertising aggressively as how Giuseppe does, is forbidden by european law, thus Team Antiscam shall request to the webhoster, to shut down the domain immediately. For this, we will contact the abuse department and the hostmaster of
When we have the answer from the hoster and more news, we will update it here.

Also as earlier mentioned, this Giuseppe CG has a facebook profile, without posts or other things but surely and only for promote aggressively his site on different channels there. We shall contact facebook too, to remove his profile completely from facebook due that Giuseppe CG are violating the TOC from Facebook.

As evidence, here you can see the screenshots which i made, as how people are very irritated by this guy Giuseppe CG due that he is spamming aggressively a lot of times on different FB channels promoting his website

And why is also possible a SCAM site?
Due to the situation of the Covid-19, in the countries where they have a strict or moderate quarantine, the information provided by those goverments shall be for free, but doesnt show any snippet of this information and people are forced to join the site, there is a one month free subscription, but as for the situation now with the worldwide pandemic, this will not be enough, there are only the free month subscription and after a year subscription. Another option does not offer. Also i didnt see any refund policy on his site. But as far as i know the information there, mostly is related with the quarantine, which you can get it for free through internet, on different facebook groups for expats, but also on Telegram, viber, whatsapp…

We have contacted several times with this Giuseppe but he didnt answer at all. But as you can see to his answers to the people on facebook, he does not give clearly an answer, or he is just evading the question at all, because Giuseppe CG knows very good that spamming aggressively is not allowed.

Team Antiscam, we not only protect you against scammers but also against SPAMMERS!!

P.S: If you are an expat and need the most recent information about the quarantine in the country where you are right now, contact your embassy or consulate, they can provide you with the most recent information, or visit their websites. SPAM/SCAM site


We got many reports from users who have had a profile there on, about suspending (paid) profiles without any reason and also after registration there they got many spam porn related messages into their email.

Contacting the support center of does not solve the problem or closing the support ticket without any further answer of notification.

We have already contacted where that domain are registered and we will keep you informed about their futher steps.

If you wish, you can send your spam/scam report to them using this form on their site:


Note: since end of January of 2015 on the site writes that the membership are completely free, while in the past there was different kind of paid memberships. We have contacted Visa/MasterCard about this, their answer was: This site does not more use our services due to issues in the past(…) 

Go to site spammer/Fake sites.

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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 00:02:06 -0200
From: ghelmsn <[email protected]>
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E-mails used: [email protected], [email protected],

Description: Hallo pass-holder
It’s time to smooth the Hair
First name: Kristina.
Surname: Butyugina.
Like friends and like enemies.
Country: Russian Federation.
City: Volgograd.
Age: 38.
Height: 167 centimetres
Weight: 58 kilograms.
Eyes: blue.
Hair Color: red.
Virg. Geor. 2.
Her Type of Man: I do believe that our world isn’t lack of real gentlemen!
That I, drinking this,
Character: My family says that I’m open-hearted and always ready to help someone who is in need.
With a reason I’m sad since the time
Interests: I’m anxious for self-development that’s why I decided to receive the second high education.
Round her as she lay;
Kind regards
But there the Golden Same

Reported by: Paul McWire

Note: In the message you can see blank spaces, in this blank spaces there are hidden text, with the left button of the mouse, select the message above and the hidden text in the blank spaces should appear!. This is the newly way for scammers, sending information to each other, but the victim should not notice it, till the message has been selected with the left mouse button and appears. The link to the site: does not work anymore. Thanks Paul for this!.

WARNING: Go to site mail spammer.

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We received reports about “fake” profiles or profiles where the woman after starts communication asks for money. Be aware for some links because there can be malicious content and its possible that your computer can be infected with some spyware/adware. Contacting the site owner through the “contact” button leads to the registration page (this is with all the links from the mainpage on that site). There are more variants of domains if you know other variants, please report it using our contact form or leave a message!. We should keep this information updated.

Update 11 March 2011:

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Both sites are completely the same and also we received reports about “fake” profiles that doesn’t exist on the site. If you have more information let us know!.