Jerizza Rosales Lasat from Naga city, (Camarines Sur), Philippines

Name: Jerizza rosales lasat
Other names: jhe.lasat, jherizza,
Date of birth: Unknown, she gives different birth dates to people
Addresses: 4F GP apartment panganiban drive barangay concepcion naga city camarines sur,
Phone: +639075694057,
Skype: jhelasat06,
Facebook: Facebook(1), Facebook(2), Facebook(3),
Other sites: Pinalove,

Description: Through pinalone she started contacting me  in February 2017 and we started to get acquainted. After several days she began to ask me money for her studies and also for her daughter zianna and in her letters the word I love you and dear rick came a lot of time. She gave me her skype and there she offered me sexcamshow for 20 pesos asking me to send the money to her viber wallet. Also she wanted meet me in real and gave me her address offering  sex all night for 1500 pesos but don’t know if this address is real, i never met up with her and didn’t give her any dollar, she’s just a ordinary scammer and whore.

Photos used:

Reported by: Rick Masters from Los Angeles, California, United States (mas**rs*ri*k**

9 thoughts on “Jerizza Rosales Lasat from Naga city, (Camarines Sur), Philippines”

  1. Just a ordinary scammer begging for money, one of her messages from pinalove….
    jherizza 23 Jul 2017 13:55 (5 day ago)
    I want finish my studies and then help my father to open his business and buy houses for my parents and for my aunt. Then may be i can think about relationship and marriage.

    Don’t waste your time with her.

  2. I chat with her and after 5 minute she ask me to send her Money $$$$
    Be Careful Guys , this lady are looking for Money $$$$$$$

  3. Trust a Filipina and you are truly a sucker! They are liars and thieves.
    Idiots, can you not see? This is just a bunch of stolen pictures!

    1. Then u r a sucker Condor bcos what r u doing here?
      And u jerizza or how ur name is, u r a liar, u lie about ur age, ur place, u r older but not 19 years, ur married with filippino gal, u only wants get money from us. GET A LIFE jerizza!!.

    2. My friend, she is looking for a sucker. Be happy if your wallet hasn’t been sucked off by her.

  4. Not sure if it’s her, or a guy with a recording of a cam girl. Definitely a fake or cheater, time waster. Avoid it, unless you like giving money away to charity.

  5. This is the reply I got from her on pinalove:
    jherizza (4 days ago)
    My daughter needs gift. Yeah bcoz she 2 years old she have no cake and gift and now she 4 years old she have no cake and gift I dont have money to buy her

  6. I was going to meet her and then she told me in a text message…. “If you F**K me you are going to PAY me”. So much for that!! Good luck with this one guys!

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