Tsetsi Stoyanova from Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Information updated on 6 february of 2016.

Note from the Admin:
Tsetsi Stoyanova/Stefanova is a fake name who does not exists in the real life. Such this person behind [email protected] and [email protected] told to us. We asked for the real name but this person dont want give any real name or even a birth date to us. Be aware, this person has dozens of domain names using the same false name and false addresses, where in some of these sites, they sale medicinal stuff, NEVER SEND MONEY IN ADVANCE TO THIS PERSON BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY GOODIES.

Name mostly used: Tsetsi Stoyanova, Tsetsi Stefanova,

Date of Birth:  Unknown (Dont want say)

Other Names used (so far): Tsetsi Stefanova, Tsetsi Stoyanova, Stefanka Dechkov, Tsvetanka Stefanova, Tsvetanka Stefanova Dechkov,

Address(es): 24 Gen Sokobelevska, 6100 Kazanlak (Bulgaria)
97 springwell rd tw59bw Hounslow (United Kingdom)

E-Mails Used: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],

Facebook: Tsetsi Stoyanova,

Other sites: sladur.com, connectingsingles.com, E-Dating, LinkdIn, Academia, Pinterest, Google+, Xing, Etsy,

Her LinkedIn profile is fake too, we contacted some of the companies who supposely this Tsetsi worked in the past where came out she didnt work there at all and they cant recognize her on linkedin.
Also she never studied in the universities mentioned on linkedin and dont have any official degree. If this person shows a degree, then it is a falsification such they told me.

E-Mails Headers: Received: from [] (unknown []) by st11p09mm-asmtp002.mac.com (Oracle Communications Messaging Server 7u4-27.07( 64bit (built Jun 21 2013)) with ESMTPSA id <[email protected]> for ******@******.bg;

Phone numbers used: +359 (0) 988902129 +44(0)5615882493

Description: I have been scammed by a Bulgarian woman. I have met her on Connecting Single, a dating site. At this time she live in France but is now back in Bulgaria. She said she have to leave France and want to come to Spain. She is looking for a family and want to raise one with children etc.etc.! But shortly, after she decided to go back to Bulgaria. So I went over to Bulgaria to meet her. What I found was destroying. She lived already in a relationship and had no intention at all to have a family. Late I found out that she was doing this (to get free airline tickets,get invitations to live in the country with some man to have a good time). After she thought the good time is over she disappeared from one day to the next. This scammer is active on several sites, like Connecting Singles (now under a different names) on Sladur, Edating etc,etc).

I know from two other man were she acted in the same way. One in London and the other in France. She is telling them that she is looking for a family, wants to have a happy family. After she got what she wants, tickets, free holidays etc, she disappears.!
Also i sent you a recent picture of her.

Photos used:

Reported by: Mulent (Germany), r**ko*l**[email protected]

15 thoughts on “Tsetsi Stoyanova from Kazanlak, Bulgaria”

  1. This woman scammed me for 3000 euros under the name Tsetsi Kassimirova, but the person is exactly the same as on the pictures here. She wanted open new business about health and life in Norway.

  2. WHY SHE IS NOT IN JAIL ?!?!???!?!?!??!?!?!?????? WHY????????????????????
    There are so many vacancies in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. TSVETANKA DECHKOV was born 6 April 1978 and she registered to vote using the address 1142 MONROE BLVD in LANTANA, Palm Beach County, Florida, U.S.A. (Voter ID number 111864182)
    For more information, click here (free), then check Archives


    Seller: Jason Hornstein, Tsvetanka Stefanova, Tsvetanka Dechkov, and Roslan Dechkov
    Buyer: Tsvetanka Stefanova
    Dec 20, 2002

    Seller: Jason Hornstein and Tsvetanka Stefanova
    Buyer: Tsvetanka Stefanova

    Her first husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I know this woman from the past. I did some researched about her and it looks like she has scammed many people. Currently she is living with a man called Jelio. Here is a facebook info: https://www.facebook.com/Piqvici/?ref=py_c
    These two are pretending to be some sort off doctors and cheat other people selling them leeches and practicing medicine. She is currently living in London area with a 16 years old younger man Jelio. Regarding her husband, she is divorced and that person Ruslan has nothing to do with these two scammers. Stay away and be very careful.

    1. Roslan Dechkov http://ruslandechkov.com/ and here https://www.facebook.com/roslan.de.77 and https://www.instagram.com/roslandfx/ is the fake husband of Denina Martin http://deninamartin.com/ who is, among other things, a very boring blogger from the internet and a leech therapist. She is the sister of Tsetsi Stoyanova and she is also a hirudotherapist in Bulgaria Mall, along with her husband and her sister, they all do leech therapy at the mall and also lure men in the mall. While the unsuspecting men are getting their therapy on by the women, the husbands take money out of their pockets. This is what I have heard from other internet people who know everything. These two gorgeous women lure men by acting like they dont care on social media, but that’s how men are more attracted, and they stop by Bulgaria Mall and Britain on their way home, you know……. to get some therapeutic leeches applied… and then boom, they get owned. Peace out!

    2. Dear Roslan Dechkov ( Ruslan Decov) http://ruslandechkov.com/ you seem to talk about people whom you do not know. If they are scamers, why do you send fake emails to their friends ? Does your wife Denina Martin know about this? Why don’t you look at your own life? If you continue to write uncheked information i will send your emails to Denina Martin – http://www.deninamartin.com and her parents on facebook, as well as to your parents.

    3. when did she got divorced ? from roslan any information
      and who is this guy jelio what is her relation with this guy and is she tsetsi stoyanova in any relationship

    4. I’m very glad you are mentioning this true facts, she’s not the only leech..they’re thousands of them mainly in russia, Ukraine and the Slavic regions and of course the famous American women, which I have created a name for them, “parasitic women” because they behave in the same form as parasites do, wait for the host to come by, and attach to them and suck not the blood as parasites do, but their wallets and bank accounts, they are what I call “soulless creatures” send by Satan himself , I’m new to all these epidemic of parasites, but I have a tremendous life experience and logical analysis that many of these parasites have try to scam me, but the more I interact with them, the more aggressive I become, at the end I’m the one laughing at their stupidity..because all they have in their arsenal is the outer shell (body) that’s why they keep it in good shape, is their tool of trade, they’re mostly lesbians who know that only men can support them economically, when did you heard a lesbian supporting another one.? so please , all you men out there, if a woman shows her outer shell before her inner soul, get rid of that parasite immediately, because she will cling to you sooner than a leech, then you will need to burn it like a Salem witch.

  5. Yeah, I got all the info ’bout all them peeps. They’s all good folk, workin’ they ass off at Bulgaria Mall and Leech Therapy YouTube, they mindin’ they own beezwax and all them haters can go f$#%@ theyself cause these folks got it goin’ on for real, you know what i’m sayin’!

  6. This is an evil woman. She try to seduce men through her you tube videos to get money from them and then contact them privately to get money. She used several names before to hide her identity after scamming hundreds of people. She scammed some people for thousands of dolars.

    1. is so obvious.. she even laugh at their faces, I have worked very hard in my life, and never got to have a vacation overseas, and this woman is traveling all over Europe, hotels, cars, restaurants and all first class, and to make these innocent men look more than fools, she even has a lover to be with her all expenses paid by these men, the lover gets full treatment plus he’s the only getting laid on these men scamed money, All men out there..have some HONOR,SELF RESPECT AND DIGNITY, I may be hungry for a woman, but my DIGNITY comes first, I watch those filthy cam whores , and I never pay a cent, because I treat them as the filthy whores they are, and I get all the respect I deserve and they do as I ask..by the way, good news, those cam whores will become obsolete in less than two years, help me do this, and we will take our male domain again..these bitches are nothing without our money, they have never worked, and they don’t have any intention to do so..no money from men = total collapse for them..is so easy.

  7. Be aware Tsetsi is a very dangerous scammer. She advertises her self as a health and wellness advocate without any professional training, her real work is showing her private parts, hairy armpit and body to seduce social media users to buy her porn videos and have private online meetings. Then she scamming customers through blackmail and fake marriage promises to get more money. Please report her to youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to keep social media safe and save more people from these scammers. They are a gang including Tsetsi, her cameraman, and a few others managing her devil dirty work. Please go and report her.



    1. Following the previous comment below are the websites that Tsetsi uses for her sexual content and targeting more people for scamming and blackmailing after getting their financial and personal info. This is her main work, not health, and wellness as claimed. Please report her social media account since its the major outlet she uses to reach new victims.

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