Ekaterina Detina from Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Name: Ekaterina Detina (Екатерина Детина)
Other names used: femaleplay, catiche.d,  catiche_d, CatalinaD, 
Date of Birth: 19-12-1985
Email addresses: [email protected], [email protected],
Phone: +998903492690,
Facebook: Ekaterina Detina,
Other sites: Pictaram, Instagram, Postcrossing, OK.ru, mail.ru, russianbrides.com, viavideo, Mamba.ru, Google+, Tau2.com

Description: I meet this girl in february of 2016 on russianbrides.com where in June we meet in real in her city Tashkent. She is a big gold digger and scammer going from shop to shop, clothes from Mango, shoes, perfumes chanel 5, for her I was just a unlimited credit card. Her phone didn’t stop ringing and mostly answering in english, whispering to call later, evidently to other foreign men. After 2 days I stopped meet with her. She scammed me for 1500 bucks.

Photos used:

Reported by: Joshua Winters from Norfolk, Nebraska, United States (jo**u***wi*te**@yahoo.com)

16 thoughts on “Ekaterina Detina from Tashkent, Uzbekistan”

  1. I meet up with her 3 times in month and katia knows how to please a man 🙂
    A little suggestion for you, write you want meet up with her, buy roses, a box of sweets, rent a room for some hours and she will melt between your legs 😉 you will have an unforgettable time with her

  2. konichiwa I am asoke from japan and I am often in Tashkent for business matters. I know kat very good for 3 years now. I was introduced to her by timofei a taxi cab driver from Tashkent and we meet now regularly for pleasure time. She is not cheap but knows how to make me happy and relaxted with erotic massage and good s*x after. kat always comes to my hotel room at the appointed time, she loves to dress sexy and nice as just joung woman do and also smells so good. Soon I will be in Tashkent again and can’t wait to see kat and embrace her again.
    Jaa ne kat.

  3. Past year in spring i met up 2x with her too, when i was for business trip in Tashkent through taxi driver timofei but she didn’t come to my hotel which was Grand Mir but only to international hotel, in the restaurant where after we went to the room.
    Mister oseke has right, she is very sensual and well dressed woman. It was real pleasure with her, great blowjob and she looks so horny to you with her eyes when you cum inside her mouth begging for more.

    @Joshua, she tried this to me too, but after when i paid new shoes and a new dress in zara shop for 500 dollars, I told her this was all.

  4. How i can meet with this girl, or how to meet with this taxi driver? I come to Tashkent next month for one week.

    1. When you come to Tashkent? if you say flight number and time I will be there at the airport to pick you up with my taksi.

  5. Most girls on dating sites are whores, selfish, uneducated just looking for money. They are not very good looking, very plain when you meet them… maybe one out of 50 is decent.

  6. I found her through the dating site mamba and only meets at the hotel international in Tashkent. Staying with her was wonderful, very good erotic body to body massage, nice tiny tits and very sensitive nipples, loves doggystyle. In the 2 weeks i hook up with her 4 times.

  7. This girl pays for all the costs with the quality of sex.
    Firstly, she has a very narrow hole, probably the size of a mouse’s eye. It is very difficult to enter. But if you entered extremely narrow walls. It is so narrow that you will scream loudly when you get inside and start making movements. Scream with pleasure.
    Secondly, the voice acting is just a bomb. The girl moans from every push inside, as if she is about to die of pleasure.
    Thirdly, she is very intelligent, until the last she says that she is not like that and that the story on the site is not about her. Which of course turns me on.
    Fourthly, she does a blowjob very well, playing with your testicles.
    There is no anal. He doesn’t agree to anything.
    If you are looking for expensive but high quality, this is an option for you.
    And yes, to spend money on such a buzz.
    Really paid off every cent invested.

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