Haruthai Chantham from Bangkok, Thailand

Name: Haruthai Chantham
Skype: harufon
Line ID: fonharu
Phone: 0865334469
Email adresses used: [email protected][email protected]
Facebook: Facebook(1), Facebook(2, with foreigners),
Other sites: thaifriendly, linkedin, wayn,
Description: I met this girl through dating site thaifriendly.com we started communicate there. After some days she asked me to show scan of my passport and also wanted have my credit card information ‘to prove i am real’ and that she wants so much see other countries because she never meet foreigners and also never was in other countries. I got suspicious why she wants have copy of my passport and began to search through internet and found she has 2 facebook profiles, in one profile you will see all photos made in Thailand and in her friendlist only thai people just to deceive you. On her second facebook profile, you can see photos of her trips to United Kingdom, Italy and some other countries within Europe, meeting with foreigners who pay her stay in exchange for sex. She denies to have facebook and when I confronted her with this, she blocked me on thaifriendly.
Photos used:

Reported by: Pierre Parisien

One thought on “Haruthai Chantham from Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Beware of her, she’s a good storyteller, with the story of the sick mother, needs money for medicines and then, when you google her line ID, she’s actually owner of a condo at the beach Hometel on this address Khamreang soi Kantaravichai Kham Riang, Kantharawichai, Maha Sarakham 44150
    When i confronted her with this facts and saying i go to the police, she quickly ran away.

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