Elvira Ismaeva, Eleonora Ismaeva, Eleonora Tadjibaeva from Tashkent, Uzbekistan

This very active scammer are from Tashkent Uzbekistan. Reports from users who has been scammed by this scammer, started from autumm of 2007 till nowadays, This scammer is very well documented, thanks to the reports received from you. For the recent mew reports, updates and new photos, please go to the bottom of this page. (last update was on: 01 October 2013) 

Real name: Elvira Rustamovna Ismaeva (Эльвира Рустамовна Исмаева), Elvira Tadjibaeva (Эльвира Рустамовна Талжибаева)

Names used: Elya ismaeva (Эля Исмаева), Elli ismaeva (Элли Исмаева), Eleonora ismaeva (Элеонора Исмаева), Eleonora Tadjibaeva (Элеонора Таджибаева), Eleonora Griffiths (Элеонора Гриффитс)

Date of Birth: 10 february 1988
Marital status: Unknown/Married with Ulugbek Tadjibaev
Home adresses: Uzbekistan, Tashkent,  TTZ-2  Dom-17 Kv-41, 100000, TS-1, Dom-1, Kv-87
Home phone numbers: +(998 371) 2641781
Cell phone numbers: +(9989)74138077, +(9989)35771217, +(9989)03152023, +(9989)03536962,
Skype: elly1988_07, soulfreebek,
E-mail adresses: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
Operates/Operated on site(s): vkrugudruzei.ru, odnoklassniki.ru, geometria.ru, vkontakte.ru, tagged.com, facebook.com(1), facebook.com(2), tau2.comgoogle+, pinterest.com, free-lance.ru/fl.ru,

Report from: Hans Wieber (Hannover, Germany) h***e**2*@t-dialin.de (November  2007)

This woman contacted me through dating site, she invited me come to Uzbekistan. I arranged a trip to Tashkent in autumm of 2007, for 14 days. When i arrived, she only likes to buy dresses and other expensive things from my creditcard, i was only a mobile ATM for her. When i told her about this 3 days after my arrival, she went angry and go away, i never more has seen her. A waste of time with her, a gold digger number one who profits from others.

Report from: Dennis A (Kopenhagen, Denmark) an***e**@hotmail.com (February 2008)

I have meet this woman on TAU2.com, we started our communication, where after 3 months she invited me come to Uzbekistan. In the spring i came to Tasjkent, where Elvira was waiting me at the airport and we went to the hotel where i reserved prior my departure. In the days where i was in Tasjkent, she likes go to shops and saying to me “if you like me buy this for me” and such was all day. When i told Elvira about this, she becames angry and went away. Next day she came again to the hotel where i was staying, she came with one man, where they threaten me if i not give 1500 US Dollars to them, they should call the police and they will say that i has raped his wife Elvira. With his testimonial and the fact that i was a foreigner, the chance that i should win in the court was very low, i gave to them the money and when they go away, i directly bought flight tickets and next day i went back to Denmark. It seems Elvira has a relationship with this man or he is her husband or her pimp, unfortunately i didn’t understand his name well.

Report from: Stewart Morton (Birmingham, UK) 1***d**[email protected] (April 2008)

She was having a profile on the dating site TAU2.com where we started our acquantance. After we have changed a coupl of messages, she felt in love with me and wanted come to me, but she not have the money and needs to raise a child alone. I sent to her £800 through Western Union, and a invitation for her from the UK Department of Immigration. She never came to the UK,  and blocked me on tau2, and did not more answer my mails. For me never more russian woman they only wants your money nothing else.

Report from: Aswyn johnson (Tulsa, oklahoma, United States) tu***[email protected] (June 2008)

Elvira Ismaeva is so awful, oh my GOD!! This Elvira wanted come to me, so i send to her $1.200 through Western Union for flight tickets and visa fees, but she never came to the US, and dissapeared, never answered my letters on email or phone calls. She must go to jail!!!!

Report from: Sergey Novikov (Pjatigorsk, Russian Federation) se**e***02**@rambler.ru (August 2008)

She was active on vkrugudruzei.ru site as Elya Ismaeva and began to write me letters starting a dialogue, after some weeks of our conversation, she invited me came to Tashkent and wanted meet me there. I refuse because of my work, and invited her come to my city, elya accepted my inviiation and asked me 400 dollars for plane tickets to send through WebMoney or Western Union. I send to her this money but elya never came to my city and dissapeared. She never answered my messages through vkrugudruzei.ru or to her email.

Report from: Hassan Z. (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) **m*ou***@mail.sa (September 2008)

Mashallah, great site! When searching her name on internet i found her name here, alhamdulillah i am so glad.! This woman deserves to burn in the hell!. She asked me for money but i didn’t send to her!. Because i didn’t trust her.

Note from the Admin: Hassan has send to us some photos of this scammer, where added to the photo Gallery.

Report from: Jean Claude (Nantes, France) je**c*2***@wanadoo.fr (October 2008)

Bonjour, i meet this girl on site tagged.com she wrote to my email and we comunicate. She invited me come to Uzbekistan. In past summer 2008 i came for 2 weeks… Mondieu! she only likes expensive things and her son i never has seen. I say her not more come. Very ordinay girl who likes to insult people. Also i hear on her phone many times man voice, but i never see him in real. Au revoir!.

Report from: Ahmed Al (Agadir, Morocco) 72***h*e***@gmail.com (November 2008)

This girl cames from TAU2.com and told me she is muslima, when i asked her the 5 prayers names, she was not be able to answer. Elvira asking me money because she wanted come to me, when i search her name on google i found your website, this is she! Alhamdulillah that i found your website. Mashallah.

Note from the Admin: Ahmed has send to us some photos and mail letters between him and Elvira ismaeva.

Report from: Dave Stevenson (Adelaide, Australia) **v*31***@gmail.com (January 2009)

I meet her also from TAU2.com, she felt in love with me and wanted come to Adelaide, what for me was not a problem. Elvira asked me money for flight tickets and visa, that i have sent through Western Union, 1.000 Australian dollars, after that she vanished. I contacted the site owner of TAU2 about this but her profile was already removed. I have seen her (as Elya Ismaeva) on facebook too. Be aware!. Also on www.jimslists.com are many scam reports about this Elya Ismaeva. Despite of my bad start on TAU2, i found my future wife from Russia on the same site and we will marry in this summer of 2009.

Report from: Mitchell E (Fribourg, Switzerland) m***e*l**2*@swisscom.ch (April 2009)

Found her on Facebook, under the name “Elya ismaeva”. I started writing her and such we get in touch. After our acquaintance we decided to have a real meet, Elvira invited me come to Uzbekistan. In july of 2009 after i received the touristic visa for 3 weeks, i arranged the trip, with hotel reservation for the same time as the visa. When i arrived in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Elvira waiting me at the airport, we took a taxi cab to my hotel i checked in and after Elvira and i went to the Lounge Bar, where we talk about our acquaintance and that she very want show me the city. It was somewhat late and i proposed to do this next day, Elvira agreed. Next day on 10:00 AM Elvira was waiting me in the Lounge Bar, where we together go to the city. While we was in the center, Elvira was looking in many shops for clothes, shoes, even some technica as computers, mobile phone… she wanted so much such things, when i offered her for buy new shoes or new dress, she was looking not such happy. I am sorry but i never give such many gifts at the first  meeting with a woman, who i only was having acquaintance through FaceBook, email and Skype. On our first day we only went to shops, not to parks or museums. I did notice that somebody was calling many times on her cell phone, but i didn’t understand because she was speaking in other language, the voice on the phone was from a man. I asked Elvira about her son Ernest that i would like to see him, she told that Ernest was at the mountains with his grandparents and that he will return after my departure to Geneve. In the next days Elvira and i went to the center of city, of course to shops, she is very capricious and wanted that i buy for her dress and some other things, i told her that i am not such man who will pay for her caprices, C’moon we have just meet!. Elvira went angry to me and she say that i was a liar, she took a taxi cab and leaved me alone in the center of Tashkent. I took a taxi cab also and went back to my hotel. After this i didn’t have any contact with Elvira till 4 days before my departure to Geneve. She came to my hotel where i was staying and apologized about her behaviour, i forgive her, and she wanted go to “special place” in the city, we took together a taxi cab and we go to the outskirts of the city, we get out from the taxi and we went to near the forest, where suddently one joung man came out from the bushes and began to threaten, if i not give 1500 dollars something very bad will happen to me. On a umexpected moment i gave a punch where he was knocked out, Elvira ran away and jumped quickly in a car. I tried to get some documents such as his passport or some jind of identification but there was nothing, it was very well prepared, i only remeber a strange marks on his eyes and hands. I went back to the hotel and with the hotel manager we called the police because i wanted report it. When the police arrived, the hotel manager told them what happened, the police wanted know more about this Elvira and wanted have the address of her where unfortunately i don’t have, they make the report. After this i went back to home and searched her name on internet where i found this site, on facebook i blocked her. All with all it was for me a good ending story, but it frightens me so much about this.

Report from: Peter Veenmeijer (Utrecht, The Netherlands) m***ve**1*@chello.nl (June 2009)

Found her through facebook, better to say that she found me, she has 2 different profiles there with the same photo and same name. She wanted come to The netherlands but has not money for ticket, she asked me 700 USD for tickets. When i  search her name on google i found your site. Thanks with this reports from other men, i saved money!. Thank you and keep up the good work..

Note from the Admin: photo added in the photo gallery, see below this page.

Report from: Mario Moretti (Pescara, Italy) **r*19***@tiscali.it (August 2009)

Also i found her on facebook and started write me messages. Elvira, on facebook as Elya ismaeva, wanted come to my city and asking 800 dollars for buy flight tickets. I sent her this money via Western Union, but never came. I went to the police due to scam and robbery. Hope she will go to prison.  I reported her profile on facebook as abuse. Ciao.

Report from: Philip Beaumont (Belfort, France) vu**23*5***@orange.fr (October 2009)

She was on facebook, i meet her there. We became friends and started our dialogue. After 2 weeks she wanted come to France to visit me and asks money to me. I asked her to pay in advance by herself, when she will arrive in France, i will pay the flight ticket and other expenses back for 100% sure to her, when i told this, she dissapeared and blocked me on facebook.

Report from: Adam Wright (San jose, California, United States) *m**t2**[email protected] (January 2010)

Elvira  or Elya wrote me a private message through facebook saying that she very like me. I was not interested in her because i am 10 years happily married, my wife has a facebook page too. Elvira still wrote me, i blocked her on facebook. When i blocked her, then she wrote to my wife through facebook, saying that i was cheating my wife with her, having secret encounters and that Elvira was pregnant from me, she wanted rip me off 300 $ for maintain her. My wife wrote to Elvira that she was working for the FBI, then this Elvira or Elya dissapeared from facebook. Now that i have read about this Elya or Elvira here on this and other sites, i am so glad to have a good american wife who loves me as how i am and not as what i have (money, house, car, savings, richdom, that i not have) An advice for you all guys, look for the wife near you, not from such countries as Russia or whatever, they only looks for men to get greencard or for rip you off.

Report from: Dmitri Astanov (Kurgan, Russian Federation) 21***m**[email protected] (April 2010)

 She write me to my profile on odnoklassniki.ru here is her message (it was wrote in russian): “Hello Dmitri, how are you? i like very much your profile and decided write to you. My name is Eleonora Ismaeva and i am from Tashkent. I am 22 years old, i have a older sister and i have a son. I very want to know you better Dmitri and may be we will meet in the near future?” I didn’t answer and blacklisted her on odnoklassniki after i have found her name and photos on several sites where she has been reported as scammer. Such persons like this “eleonora, elya and many other names”, making to us, people from the former soviet countries, very bad reputation worldwide, there are many good people too, don’t judge us at once because few people making it bad for all of us.

Report from: Gordon Turpin (Coventry, United Kingdom) g**d***t*r***5*@yahoo.co.uk (June 2010)

I meet her through the dating site TAU2.com, we communicate, through email and skype she felt in love with me, she wanted came and meet me here in the UK, but not has money for flight tickets and for visa fee because in her country very low payments. I offered her to pay all these expenses, but she told me that i cannot make reservation of flight ticket from the UK to her in Uzbekistan. Asking this to the Embassy of Uzbekistan and to some Airlines companies, i learned that this woman was lying and tried to scam me. When i told her that for the flight ticket was not an issue making and paying the reservation seat from the UK, she blocked me on skype and on TAU2.com, I made a search of her name through google and i found your site. She wanted 1.200 US Dollars from me, using the Western Union service for send the money to her, i never sent her money because i didn’t trust it.

Report from: Tyler Jenkins (Des Moines, Iowa , United States) ty***23**1*@aol.com (July 2010)

Well, she found me on facebook, our acquaintance was in english, i think she was using some kind of online translator due to the mistakes in the sentences. With this i remembered some article i have read about scammers and did a try on a search engine, in the search results there was your site with her name, the photos matches 100%, so i stopped the acquaintance with her. Thanks to this site and reports i saved money and time!.

Report from: Timothy McFarland (Edinburgh ,United Kingdom) tm***20**@gmx.co.uk (September 2010)

I got her message from this email address “il-mira88-88@mail.ru” with this letter: “Hello:
I have seen your profile on dating site and i decided write to you. My name is Elya, to me 22 years, living in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I have one son of 3 years old. Looking for a man to marry and live with him in his country. Please write me to my email:
[email protected] , i very want you.” She writes that i am active on some dating site, but in fact, i am happily married for many years and i never posted my profile on dating sites. Also she attached some photos. When i search both mail addresses on internet i found this site. How she got my private email address?

Note from the Admin: Thanks for the photos.

Report from: Ulrich Bergmann (Brandenburg ,Germany) ulr***1**4*@alice.de (November 2010)

She get me in touch through facebook. Elvira wrote me about her son Ernest, he was very ill and that she was needing money for a very expensive operation in the United States, Elvira asked me 1.400 US dollars for the operation expenses. Before i decided send so much money, i searched her name on internet, and found your website, when i read these posts from other victims, i ignored her letters. Thanks and keep up the good work against scammers.

Report from: Viktor Chertok (Kazan, Tatarstan, Russian Federation) **kt***2**[email protected] (January 2011)

This woman sent me a friendship request on site odnoklassniki.ru. She started our dialogue, and sending many photos of her to me. Also she sent me some photos where she wears a scarf, what she taken from internet, but saying it’s she. After 1 month of our dialogue elvira wanted meet me in my city. My parents refused because they didn’t like her photos of extreme nudity, muslim women does not make such. I must stop the dialogue from my parents, and black list her on odnoklassniki.ru.

Note from the Admin: letter translated from russian into english (excuse me for my bad english), thanks Viktor for the photos and report.

Report from: David Anderson (Darwin, Australia) d**20*a**r*3*@connect.com.au (February 2011)

Elvira contacted me through facebook, her name there was Elya ismaeva, sending me a friendship request, after we started our dialogue. After 2 weks Elya wanted to meet me here in Adelaide, and she asked me money for visa, plabe tickets and reservation fees, a total of 1400 AUSD (Australian Dollars). I told to Elya that there is a flight from Tashkent – Sydney and back for 550 AUSD and for the turistic visa fee was aprox. 60 USD for 3 weeks, i also offered Elya to stay as guest at home of my parents because hotels are rather expensive here in Darwin, she refused and wanted that i send the money through Western Union or MoneyGram, because in Uzbekistan it’s much complicated to make all then in my country, she said, i didn’t send the money where elya blocked me on facebook. In our acquaintance, elya never mentioned that she has a son and on the photos she was alone or with friends.

Report from: Aaron Campbell (Edmonton, Canada) a*r**-*97***@yahoo.com (April 2011)

This girl wrote me straight to my email, here is her message: “Hello How are u? I am Elya ismaeva hope to get to know you better. I know that you don’t know who I am for now, but let me introduce myself. I found your profile on a dating site, I don’t remember exact name of the site. I live in Uzbekistan. I will send you more pics of me if we continue our correspondence. I will be waiting for your responce. Till then have a nice day) your Elya” She used [email protected] as email address and wrote that she found me through dating site, but i never had a profile on dating site. Also i am not active on social media sites such as facebook…

Report from: Johnpaul Wilson (Auckland, New Zealand) j**n***l*1**@home.net.nz (June 2011)

I am truly scammed by this girl!. Elya added me on Skype, and started our chitchat. After several weeks she felt in love with me and wanted came to NZ, asking me to send 1.200 NZD through Western Union or MoneyGram for flight tickets reservation and for visa. I have sent her this money through Western Union, and also has sent an invitation to her through express mail, but never came to NZ. I asked to the NZ Visa Department and learned that she never submitted my invitation for the visa at the Embassy of New Zealand. Giving a try on google, i found her name here and on other sites. Elya ismaeva is a proffesional scammer!!.

Report from: Florian Schmitt (Salzburg, Austria) fl***mi**@alice.at (August 2011)

I received message through this email address [email protected]: “Hello! How are you?
My name is Elya Ismaeva from Uzbekistan.
I am really happy that I can write to you.
The reason why I wrote this message is that I really liked your profile and photos from the dating site.
I don’t really know what to start with.
Maybe you will try first?
I am very positive person who looks for real love and marriage.
I hope that my first experience will be rather interesting.
Ur new friend, Elya ismaeva from Uzbekistan” I does not have any profile on dating site, i asked her from where she got my e-mail address, but she never answered me. This letter is wrote with some kind of translator.

Report from: Artem Mazurov (Ufa, Russian Federation) **te***8**m*@mail.ru (September 2011)

She was active on geometria.ru as Elya Ismaeva where she contacted me writing private messages. After some weeks wanted to speak with me on the phone and gave me this phone number from Uzbekistan +(99893)5771217, we offen spoke on the phone. Then she wanted to have a real meet with me in Uzbekistan. I arranged a trip to her. When i arrived in Tashkent, elya likes very much buy clothes and dresses in expensive shops and i told her, i am not a bankomat (ATM). She went angry to me and go away. In the rest of my staying in Tashkent, i never more has seen her. Definitively a real gold digger who also gets money not only from foreign men also from russian people as i.

Report from: Ignazio Sabatello (Roma, Italy) sab****lo*4**[email protected] (November 2011)

I am truly been scammed by this girl. I meet this girl on facebook.com writing to me a private message about getting acquainted because she was looking for foreigner to get married. After some weeks of conversation, she wanted have real meet and to come to Roma, and asking me to send her 1.200 euro on western union for plane tickets and for visa costs. When i wanted send her money on western union, i can only send online 500 euros maximum. I told her when she will come to Roma, i will give her rest of money, elya accepted, i sent 500 euros to tashkent. After this, elya never answered my messages, and on facebook her page was not more.

Report from: Gaston Chevalier (Rennes, France), g***om**78***@hotmail.fr (January 2012)

This girl added me through Skype, after several weeks she wanted came to France and meet me in real. She asked me money for flight tickets and visa. When i searched her name on internet i found her on this and other sites. This is she!.  After this we not more speak on Skype and deleted her from my contacts list. It saved me many money, frustrations and disappointments. Merci for share, au revoir.

Note from the Admin, mostly scam reports what we have received  are identically as above, but some new photos has been added to the gallery at the bottom of this page. If we get more news, then we publish on this page. We keep you informed.

Report from: Otabek Rayimov (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) ma**512*e***[email protected] (October 2012)

When i did a try of “Elya Ismaeva” through Google search machine, i found out these, and some other sites where she has been reported as scammer. well, my story about her. I have meet her in winter of 2008 through the dating site TAU2 and started our correspondence. We communicate long time by email, skype and by phone. Certainly i was for sure that she was the real and the only one in the world for me. Also my mother was very fond of her, they talked through Skype and by phone, sometimes with the help of the translator because my mother does not know russian at all, also my mother was hving photos of Elya in picture frames, 3 on the table and one on the wall in the living room. In april of 2012 we wanted marry, so i arranged the trip to Uzbekistan in June of 2012 with all documents what was need for the marriage, a valid (turistic) visa and enough cash money for my stay (1500 euros). Also i bought a very beautiful (and expensive!) wedding ring for Elya. When i arrived at the airport in Tashkent, Elya was waiting me. In the next days she prepared for the legalization of documents for the Department of Marriage and Registry, but there was always some delay, Elya said. About my cash money, Elya told me that will be better when it will be hided at home of her grandmother because in the hotel somebody can take it, i believed Elya and gave the money. Some days after my arrival, i wanted take some money for my stay, we went to home of her grandmother and saw that there was 600 euros missing, i asked Elya where is that money and she said that registration of my document costs many money. In the next days, Elya wanted introduce a “very good friend” to me, his name, Ulugbek Tadjibaev, he came to us for dinner, and if i was having sme trouble, he can help me, it was interesting speaking with him. In our past communication, Elya told me she are muslim woman (in our real meet, i didn’t see at all, even she does not know the Islamic prayers, the prayers time for Tashkent, also did not make the Umrah* and does not wear the hijab*), so we wanted celebrate our Islamic Wedding, for this, Elya asked her girlfriend Ilmira Rafika Amirhanova to arrange this for us. On saturday 23 of June 2012, Ilmira cames with ome men, she told that he is the Imam from the Shayh Zayniddin Masjid in Tashkent, he will marry us official as in Islamic tradition with the Nikah*, the wedding was celebrated at home of Elya’s grandmother, her parents, 2 friends, Zoya, aunt of Elya and Zoya’s daughter, the “imam” and Elya’s grandmother where present on this Islamic ceremony, Ulugbek was not on that day. When the Islamic wedding ceremony was finished, i asked to the “Imam” about the Nikah*, he told me that he will give the Nikah* some days later. When the “Imam” go, i saw how Elya gave to him 100 US Dollars underhand so that i would not see about it, but i saw it, may be such was normal in Uzbekistan?, i thought. This “Imam” never came with the Nikah*. Some days before my departure, Elya wanted 1000 US dollars, what was need for our marriage (wedding dress, invitation letters, flowers and so on), she said, but my money was nearly finished, because i paid for the stay in a hotel. I told Elya that we will make a phone call to my mother and ask if she can help with this. Elya talked and asked my mother through phone call to help with the money, my mother helped with this, one hour later the money was on my bank account, so we went to UzKDB Bank* and Elya took the money some days before my departure. On my departure’s day, i asked Elya about my documents for the official marriage in Tashkent, she told me that there was a very big delay and that should be ready when i will come next time. We went to the airport and i flew away from Tashkent. Elya told me that she waits for me. When i was in Tashkent, Elya was always on “work” and her director didn’t give her days off, so on day i was always alone there, i very wanted see the city and arranged this on my own. Well, back to home, i prepared documents for the new visa, this visa was valid for one year, starting from begin august 2012 till end of July 2013 and was a private visa (Visa type P), Multiple Entry, with the “Not allowed to work” remarks writed in it. When the embassy granted me the new (private) visa, i arranged the trip to Tashkent and told Elya when i will arrive, so that she will meet me at the Airport again. After my arrival in Tashkent, Elya told me that my documents for the official marriage was ready. We went to home of Elya’s grandmother where i should stay, till we have found some apartment for us in Tashkent. Elya wanted that i take some job in Tashkent, i told her that my visa does not allow me to work, if i do so, and if the Uzbek authorities have notion of it, i can have very big problems with them, when i was in past June, the Uzbek Authorities asked many times my passport, all was good without problems, they’re everywhere, on the streets, in the bus, metro, shops, cafes, restaurants, i proposed Elya to change my private visa to another visa where i am be able to work at the Immigration Office, Elya went very angry and not wanted hear or help with it, she told that if i love her, then i should take risks and sacrifices. Elya does not care about Uzbek laws, Authorities or the Uzbek Government (President Islam Karimov). But i respect the laws in my and other countries, in the past, i travelled to many other countries and i never had problems with their authorities and always respected their laws as what it is. After this, Elya told me that she needs 1000 US dollars (again?) for the marriage, i proposed to make a phone call to my mother, Elya agreed and she talked with my mother about this. My mother didn’t give a decission at that moment, and wanted know more about it, beсause in past June she already gave 1000 US dollars also for the marriage and wanted know where is that money what my mother loan to Elya in past June. Elya did not answer this questions from my mother. After the phone conversation, Elya again was talking about work in Tashkent, i show her the visa with the “Not allowed to work” remarks, but she not wamted see or listen to me, went angry and go away. She didn’t came to home (of her grandmother where she always was living since her childhood) to dinner and sleep, such was some days that Elya didn’t come to home. Her grandmother called by phone to the parents of Elya, but also she not was with them. After some days Elya came again to home of her grandmother, and again asked me about the 1000 US dollars for “the wedding”, we make again a phone call to my mother, and Elya spoke with her, concluding that my mother rejected to help with the money due that in past month of June she helped with it. Elya went so angry that again she go away, i followed her because wanted know where she go. When Elya take a taxi cab, i quickly took another taxi cab and told the driver to follow that car discretely. Finally we came to a house near Tashkent, i asked driver to wait here, Elya went to this house and saw that Ulugbek Tadjibaev opened the door, i recognized him from past June. Ulugbek holds her in his arms and they kissed each other, as 2 real lovers. For me this was a very big shock, that Elya was having secretly a relationship with this man. I went back to home of Elya’s grandmother. Again Elya did not appear for a couple of days. Her girlfriend Ilmira Rafika Amirhanova, called me by phone saying that Elvira was at home of a girlfriend, of course this was a lie because i saw with my own eyes that Elya went to home of Ulugbek and was staying there, i didn’t say this to Ilmira, so they thought that i believed them and that i does not know about it. On my birthday Elya didn’t congratulate me, i was having birthday on the same day as her mother. Some days later Elya came back, together with Ulugbek, saying that they have found work for me and they waiting for us in the center of Tashkent, we went to thid place and talked with the person who was offering work for me (they asked me kindly not to publish the company’s name and the manager’s name here), they’re very interested in me, and asked me my passport, when they see the visa with such restrictions in the remakrs, then the manager talked with Ulugbek about changing this visa for another without restrictions at the Department of Immigration in Tashkent, that the company cannot hire me at this moment. Ulugbek talked with Elya about the visa restrictions, that was need to change for another one without any restrictions, on that moment looks like that Elya was willing to help me with it but when we came to home, Elya told me that she want come to Europe, that she are “very tired with Uzbekistan and their authoritarian government” she said, and that i must go as soon as possible to home, arrange for her and her son all necessary. But i was feeling that something was wrong, when i wanted to pack my luggage, i saw that many of my personal things was lacking, while it was with me when i came to Tashkent, i begin to look around in the room and begin to find my things hided up and in the shelf, i put it back in my luggage, also i found a copy of Elya’s passport and other copies from official documents, i took with me because you never know if someday it will be useful. Elya arranged the flight tickets (of course i pay) for friday the 14th of September, and while we was together in the city, her behaviour was very changed, it was not more Elya as how i was knowing from past June or when we was speaking through phone ot skype in the past years. On friday 14th of September she called a friend and he bring me to the airport, Elya did not come with us. When i arrived at the airport, i was very earlier and there was so much time, i took my photocamera and wanted look to the photos from past June, i discovered that all the photos together with Eleonora, photos of my mother with the photos of Elya, the Islamic wedding and other was completely deleted, some days ago i make a backup of all photos from the memory card, so all photos was there on the backup, i began to think all about it, and decide not to check in. I went to the Airlines company office (they asked me kindly not to publish the name of their airline company here) at the airport and i wanted cancel my flight ticket, i told them what’s probably happened. They’re so kind, and cancelled my flight ticket, they refunded the money and helped me bring to the center of Tashkent where there are places for sleep. I rent a room from a very nice couple, in the center of Tashkent, near the metro and near big market. I called to my mother and told her all the story, she was so frightened, i gave her the email addresses and phone numbers from Elya and from Ilmira because my mother wanted have back the things what she gave to Elya for our wedding, there was very personal things who belongs to my family for many many years. My mother wrote to Elya and Ilmira through email, both without any reply back also tried to call by phone, they didn’t answer. I wrote to Ilmira saying about all this and that soon i will come to Tashkent (in fact i never left Uzbekistan). Ilmira replied me back on 24th of september saying that Elya has left Tashkent on 17th of September 2012 and flew to Istambul (Turkey) because she found work there for at least one year. I wanted check out this, so i went to the office where Elya works, and they told me that Elya still works here and that they don’t have any acknowledgement that Elya will quit from her work, so it was a very big lie from Ilmira or from Elya, using Ilmira’s email account. In the next days i went to UzKDB Bank* and talked with the manager, in this bank there are supervision cameras everywhere who register all what happens in the bank where after the recorded tape is stored for some time. I asked the manager for such tape where i and Elya was on that day in past June, the manager kindly helped me with this but, he asked me not to publish on youtube or other public services, i want use this as evidence against Eleonora Tadjibaeva (Elya Ismaeva) at the court. On the video fragment it’s very clearly to see how Elya make the whole process, till she pick up the money and put it in her bag. My mother records all phone calls, she does that many years, so also was recorded all the conversations of Elya with my mother, also the conversation where Elya wanted have money for the “wedding” and that Elya agreed that she will pay my mother back these money 250 euro every month. Also i went to the Ministry of foreign affairs asking about how many money costs to legalize documents, i learned that it costs 160 US dollars maximum (with notarial stamps) and not 600 euros as how Elya told me in past June. Unexpected, on 6 November Elya sent me a letter to my email in russian from:  [email protected], i used a translator to translate into english: “Our Islamic wedding was fake))) This man was an actor. Ilmira helped me to organize a fake islamic wedding for you. And you where so foolish as to believe ))))))) I never loved you and will never love other people, i hate them all. Ulugbek, i also do not love, for me, more important it’s financial position. And i’ll deny it, for the sake of my life that i wrote this letter because my friends do not know about the existence of this email account. And i am also a good actress)))))))))))” (means that people shall always believe to Elya) it’s look like a confession from her and will be very useful at the court against her. My mother wrote to Ilmira and to Elya, that she want to have her things back, giving her address where to send, Ilmira and Elya never replied to my mother back, showing that they don’t have any respect for other (older) people. My mother filed a lawsuit against Elya Ismaeva (Elya Tadjibaeva) at the International Court in The Hague giving all the evidence (UzKDB Bank* video, recorded phone calls and other) where is enough evidence against Elya due of a major robbery, or as what commonly well know: scam. On 24 of november 2012 Elya and Ulugbek got married, of course now they can because Elya got the money from me and from my mother and such they celebrated big wedding. Despite of my bad experience, i got married with a Uzbek wife and nowadays i live here in Tashkent. I was muslim since my childhood because we was living in a islamic country, my father was working there for some decades, before he died in 2002 by a tragic accident. My wife knows Ulugbek Tadjibaev very good, she told me that he was having a “secret” relationship with Elya for more then 3 years before marriage, secret because Ulugbek’s parents was against that he marry with such girl who has child from other men, does not want to pray, flirting with other men, not wearing hijab.

Here the explanation of the words marked with a star (*):

Umrah: Read all about it on Wikipedia

Hijab: Muslim women wears a scarf (Hijab) so that they should not shown their beauty to other men

Nikah: The official islamic Certificate of Marriage

UzKDB Bank: has changed his name to KDB Bank Uzbekistan

Note from the admin: I have shortened the letter, it was much longer!, this report is the most complete and accurate that we have from this scammer. We stored in our secured servers the recorded phone conversations, the video from supervision cameras at UzKDB Bank, letters, chat logs and copy of Elya’s passport and some other documents from this cammer. Posted in the gallery, some photos, where the poster wanted to make him and his mother unrecognizable.

On 22 March 2013, international authorities requested from us, to give all the evidence against Elvira Rustamovna Ismaeva (now know as Elvira Rustamovna Tadjibaeva). Team Antiscam, cooperated and gave all the evidence requested, such as receipts from Western Union and MoneyGram, recorded video from supervision cameras, recorded phone calls, receipts of bank transfers.

Report from: Brandon Allen, (Nashville, Tennessee, United States), br**don_al*[email protected] (April 2013)

I got a private message from Eleonora Ismaeva through facebook. She wanted get acquainted with me because she was looking for serious relations and marriage, she was divorced and there was one child. In our communication she sent me several photos. On the 3th letter, she felt in love with me, wanted have a real meet, for this she proposed to have the real meet in her country, Uzbekistan, such she should introduce me to her parents and relatives. Elya asked me to take money with me, but why? When i did a search through several search machines, i found out, that she are reported as scammer on some sites. I stopped the acquaintance and blocked her on fb.

Report from: Leroy Hicks, (Queens, NYC, United States), hi**s***@yahoo.com (May 2013)

I received a letter from Eleonora Griffiths, this is what she wrote: “Hello, my name is Eleonora Griffiths. I have a great desire to find a mate and soul mate. I am 25 years old. I hope that age difference is not a problem for our communication. I am gentle and affectionate girl. I want to find a permanent mate. For this, I have all the features. I like to create comfort me nice when the house is beautiful and clean. I think that serious relationship is a responsibility. But just as they are full of romance and feelings. Our dreams are the same?” The sender email address was [email protected] and when i searched this email address through google, i found several sites, and here i posted my report, because she use now other name.

Note from the admin: I did some research about Ulugbek Tadjibaev and learned that he works as programmer and he owns a website named: http://www.300daysgoal.com (http://300daysgoal.com) on this website they wants to earn some money because their scam resources are nearly exhausted.

Here all the photos from this scammer, received from scammed people, also we have added a photo of Ulugbek Tadjibaev, the man of the blurs on his face and hands? (photo found through google images):

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