Crystal Alquiza from Iligan City, (Northern Mindanao), Philippines

Name: Crystal Alquiza
Other names: Talya, talya alquiza, Amore Gandaga,
Date of birth: 24-01-1998, 24-12-1996 (Giving different birth dates)
Phone: +639089413863,
Skype: crystalalquiza, crystal.alquiza, 
E-mail: [email protected],
Instagram: @talya_alquiza,
Facebook: Facebook,
Other sites: Pinalove(1), Pinalove(2), Pinalove(3), Sometag,,

Description: Some days ago she contacted me through pinalove (see screenshot down this post in the gallery), but i knew her already from winter of 2015 when she also contacted me through the same site and i found out she is a cheater and scammer, having a relationship with one guy from Tacoma named Steve Russell, when i told her this, she blocked me on pinalove. Yesterday she changed suddently her name on facebook to Amore Gandaga just to avoid to find her and see the truth. She is a scammer, money beggar and a big liar.

Photos used:

Reported by: Rick Masters from Los Angeles, California, United States (mas**rs*ri*k**

8 thoughts on “Crystal Alquiza from Iligan City, (Northern Mindanao), Philippines”

  1. I dated with her in june of 2016 on date in asia. In the next month we meet up in manila because of her work she said, but when I found out about her fb and the real truth I dumped her right away. She lied me about her name saying it was Talya alquiza but her real name is Crystal alquiza. Be aware guys she is a good liar and cheater.

  2. I meet her in real several times and it was superb. How older you are how more she loves to be with you and to give all your desires. See you soon again dear crystal, your grandfather dereck from Atlanta.

  3. [email protected]

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Real birthday. She was born on December 24 but her birth certificate says Jan 24, 1998
    I have copies of everything. I spent a year and a half with her. We are no longer together. But I have lots of information if something is needed. I don’t believe the guy that says he was there in June. Because I was with her then. 24/7
    People on here should have to provide proof. Like the first guy. I have received some pretty disgusting emails from men on here. I ask that you remove my Facebook link off of here. Or I will have my attorney contact you.

    Her middle name is LABADAN

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