Maftuna Rakhimova from Denau (Surhkondaryo) Uzbekistan

Name: Maftuna Rakhimova (Maftuna Raximova)
Other names: Maria, Thainura, Thulayxo, 
Date of birth: Unknown, she gives different birth dates to people
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +998904104600, 
Facebook: Maftuna Rakhimova,
Other sites:,,,,

Note from the Admin: We got a lot of scam reports about this person, the description will be a review of the scam reports we got in the last couple of years. Her profile on has been deactivated due to scam reports there.

Description: Maftuna, maria, Thainura she uses such names in different dating sites, seeking men for apparently marriage. When it comes to the point of real meet, then suddenly she asks you to send her a scan or copy of your passport and a copy of your bank card (see chat conversation on FB below). Apparently she works with Ekaterina klimova (Ekaterina klimova’s callgirls/escorts). Never give such information to people who you don’t know or never meet in real.

Photos used:

Reported by: Steven Wright, Alan Clark, UKRob, HarleyDave, Yusuf, Eliot Russel, 

2 thoughts on “Maftuna Rakhimova from Denau (Surhkondaryo) Uzbekistan”

  1. Finally this one is listed too… i have in the past nearly the same experience through another dating site as maria and she make the same story about her father, scans of passports and other stuff…. just a waste of time.

    Just search her phone number of email on google or yahoo and you will find some posts about jobs in canada and US the targeted countries from these scammers….

  2. The classic scam, asking for money, scans of your documents, ask for make visa to the us or another western country. All of this are classic scams from such women from the former soviet countries…

    But i noticed on her fb she is in turkey, her father was with her? and this guy steven didn’t notice it?

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