spam and possible scam site

Name: Giuseppe CG (possible fake name)
Facebook: Giuseppe CG
Email: [email protected]
Hosted on:
Server: []

Since begin of June 2020 we are getting a lot of messages regarding this site and the owner Giuseppe CG is aggressively spamming on different facebook channels for expats, advertising for join his site for get the complete information about the pandemic and covid19.

The owner/spammer of this site, which on facebook uses the name of Giuseppe CG, spams on different channels for expats.
Giuseppe is aggressively spamming on those facebook channels to try to get new members to his site.
This Giuseppe created specially a profile on facebook for this purpose, just a profile without posts, friends, and just one photo, which we dont know if it is him or a fake photo.

Spamming/advertising aggressively as how Giuseppe does, is forbidden by european law, thus Team Antiscam shall request to the webhoster, to shut down the domain immediately. For this, we will contact the abuse department and the hostmaster of
When we have the answer from the hoster and more news, we will update it here.

Also as earlier mentioned, this Giuseppe CG has a facebook profile, without posts or other things but surely and only for promote aggressively his site on different channels there. We shall contact facebook too, to remove his profile completely from facebook due that Giuseppe CG are violating the TOC from Facebook.

As evidence, here you can see the screenshots which i made, as how people are very irritated by this guy Giuseppe CG due that he is spamming aggressively a lot of times on different FB channels promoting his website

And why is also possible a SCAM site?
Due to the situation of the Covid-19, in the countries where they have a strict or moderate quarantine, the information provided by those goverments shall be for free, but doesnt show any snippet of this information and people are forced to join the site, there is a one month free subscription, but as for the situation now with the worldwide pandemic, this will not be enough, there are only the free month subscription and after a year subscription. Another option does not offer. Also i didnt see any refund policy on his site. But as far as i know the information there, mostly is related with the quarantine, which you can get it for free through internet, on different facebook groups for expats, but also on Telegram, viber, whatsapp…

We have contacted several times with this Giuseppe but he didnt answer at all. But as you can see to his answers to the people on facebook, he does not give clearly an answer, or he is just evading the question at all, because Giuseppe CG knows very good that spamming aggressively is not allowed.

Team Antiscam, we not only protect you against scammers but also against SPAMMERS!!

P.S: If you are an expat and need the most recent information about the quarantine in the country where you are right now, contact your embassy or consulate, they can provide you with the most recent information, or visit their websites.

5 thoughts on “ spam and possible scam site”

  1. He’s very annoying spamming everywhere, and if you ask him about giving more details , then just says take a subscription on my site. Oh my gosh i hate such people who try take advantage against others in this situation where we are now.

  2. This Guseppe is missing the point and only doing for his own interests.
    Spamming everywhere, forcing people to take a subscription, because as how guseppe say, for keeping the servers working and agents on the field??? which agents??? he do’nt have any agents “on the field”, on his site all information what you can see is all taken from facebook where you can get it for free, without the consent of the admins, to take such information and post it on his site where people must pay for it.

    Guseppe is stealing the information from such groups and posting on his site for money!!.

    Did guseppe ask permission to the admins groups to copy and paste the information on his site where for get such information which is free and public on facebook, whatsapp groups, viber… and to paste it on his website for money? I can give you right away the answer… a big NO HE DID’NT!!!

    Does guseppe pay tax in his country for the money what he is receiving from subscriptions on his site? I guess… NOT!!!

    Its different if this guseppe, paste the information on his site, for free and public, where on the site, there is a “Make donation”button, such people can do at freewill a donation for his site, without forcing them to take a subscription.
    But also not aggressively spamming everywhere which on facebook and many other places is not allowed by law.

    1. Agreed, he has a lot of legal ways to promote his site, facebook advertising, google adwords, adsense and many many more. Not need to spam aggressively everywhere though, annoying the whole group with his nonsense.
      But the fact remains, the information what he is posting on his site is free on the internet and on social groups, giuseppe doesn’t pay for this information and he should give this information for free too, where people can make a donation at freewill.
      Another interesting fact is, giuseppe writes that he has 27.543 subscribers on his site? then he is very rich now!!.
      27.543 x 18 = 495.774 yearly, i also want such, for copy and pasting free information and asking money to the people, just kidding though.

      My wife which is italian, she look to his site and she know for sure, giuseppe doe not pay any taxes in italy, he is pledging tax fraud, evading to pay tax in his country, my wife has already contacted the “Agenzia delle Entrate” and they started a investigation against On his site there isn’t any tax number.
      This is my point of view and i leaving it such.

  3. Giuseppe cg steals the information from the facebook group expats in uzbekistan and sell it on his site.
    Looks like his target is uzbekistan, what an opportunist.

  4. I’ve also been receiving a LOT of spam from Giuseppe. What’s worse is that all the content, country reports, and news alerts on his sites are plagiarized from other sites like OSAC, Garda, and other services but he does not give them credit or even try to paraphrase. He just takes their material and calls it his work. What a buffoon.

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