Ekaterina Klimova from Shirin, Uzbekistan

Update 6-02-2019: Thanks to Mr. Eliot Russel from Newcastle (UK) to provide screenshots of chat on telegram with ekaterina dated on april of 2018 and a screen of her profile on tau2.com dated in september 2017,  screenshots added in the gallery. Apparently Ekaterina klimova runs a escort service together with maftuna rakhimova and nasiba boykuzieva.

Real name: Ekaterina Vladimirovna Klimova (Екатерина Владимировна Климова)
Other names used: ledi di, katia klimova, Yekaterina klimova, Jekaterina Klimova, Katia Klim,
Home address: street Khalklar Dustligi 4 Blok 10 72, 120219 Shirin, Sardarya Region
Date of birth: 10-04-1990
Email address used: [email protected],
Skype: katya_klimova3,
Phone numbers used: +998915038009, +15095548543,
Facebook: Klimova Ekaterina,
Other sites: Ok.ru, vk.com, mail.ru,
Description: I found her through the russian site vk.com in february (2016) and we began to chat. After some months and a bunch of sexy pics later, in june, we agree to meet in her place so i make the visa and flight tickets for 10 days. After my arrival in Tashkent i didn’t see her at the airport arrivals, i called her and she told me to meet her in the central square of the city. I took a cab and there she was waiting for me and we went to eat in the restaurant, later she arranged a hotel room for me in hotel international, not far from the TV tower. In the next days mostly the only thing was shopping shopping and shopping, of course i was who was paying for her stuff. On the 4th day i wanted know what was her pretensions, after some while she began tell me the story of the very poor girl who wants to meet a very rich man, to marry with him and go with him to his country, then i knew i was only a walking creditcard and finished to meet with her. When i was with her, the phone didn’t stop ringing and also notifications from sms or whatever, i guess there are more men where she contact with…. Just be aware for this scammer and may be cheater too.
Photos used:

Reported by: Marko Koikkalainen from Helsinki (Finland), **m**ko*oikk*l***@hotmail.fi

26 thoughts on “Ekaterina Klimova from Shirin, Uzbekistan”

  1. I know this girl from facebook as ledi di, some months ago she started contacting me there and after some days she was asking money for her father who needs to have operation in his eyes. But I am not stupid and send her to h*ll.

    1. Chatting with a girl with name ledi di on facebook is not stupid? People who don’t use real name on facebook they are not real or they have many things to hide…

      1. @Jimmy F. i don’t chat with such ppl
        Many many scammers, scumbags, trolls and whores outta there on fb, dating sites and more
        My brother was active on russian dating site and guess what he got?
        NOTHING!!! that gal from moscow putin city was asking money 2 my brother and fooling him with sexy pics
        And too many idiots in this world who will believe such gals from russian putin countries

  2. I got suspicious when she gave me a us phone number for chat on viber…
    The classic scammer method.

  3. I think I know it the longest and costed me most.
    I was with her from December 2015, until 26 January when I found this information.
    I had with her good contact, we talked a lots and I really like her.
    Was easy to talk about everything.
    The fact is that the phone never stopped ring the bell.
    You have to remember that 100% we are not important people , important is where we from.
    Uzbekistan is a terrible country outside the capital like Europe after the World War 2 ( with mobile phones)
    These women rapidly learn how to use people.Many people, Practice makes perfect
    Is my another lesson of life.
    No many people knows but she also have sposnsor from USA who pay for her English lwsson

    The most surprised me with her sister’s reaction when he learned the truth.
    She had resented that I discovered, she was arrogant and insolent, when I wrote to her.

    This information have also her employer ( Hyatt Regency Hotel in the Tashkient )
    I hope that she will lose job and permission to live in the capital.
    Will be good lesson for her.

  4. I met her 2 years ago through tau2.com and we began chatting. After 2 months we continued through skype and phone but when i look her profile on skype i saw a pic where she was together with a man wearing glasses. When i asked her, she told me it was her brother in law who came to visit the family, his name was Andrew, but i didnt believe and stopped completely with her. Past december i saw her back again on tau2.com seeking men… she’s just a ordinary russian scammer and gold digger. Or as how henry2017 wrote, just to get the papers and after she will leave you or to take all her family to the United States or other western country.

    1. Probably you saw my photo. I make mistake, I was in the Uzbakistan from December 2014 to January 2015. One year later i sent her invite, but she not got visa.

      1. @Robert i saw a pic on her skype where she stays with a guy wearing glasses, short wavy hair if i good remember and his name was Andrew from the United States who was married with her sister, such she told me, but i got a bad feeling when i saw that pic on skype, so i stopped communicating with her right away. Past year in december i saw her active again on the same dating site tau2.com as 2 years ago.

  5. I have met this girl past year summer in tashkent but the main thing was money money and more money. i bought for her a notebook but was not enough for this arrogant bitch. She also knows how to manipulate you. Also her phone was ringing the whole day and messages notifications on telegram whatsapp or so the whole day. When i did a more extended search, on one of her profiles on internet she was together with a foreigner. What a waste of time, money and efforts.

  6. Thanks for the heads up ‘Marko Koikkalainen’. Yeah, she clearly says she wants money…now! * Those who are not familiar with Russian language encoding, “take care of me” simply means, “Give me money”, not to mention she already has a kid. It seems the ones who’ve got kids are always first in line for the green eh? The only thing I’d say to katya klimova is, “Good luck, if you think a foreigner’s going to just give you cash for no reason (while lying about where you live), you’ll be alone for years”

  7. she not looking for husband she looking for money
    she says i am honest yeah my ass….this bitch is a scammer and cheater

  8. Some months ago i stayed in the Radisson blue hotel in Tashkent for business, this girl on the pics here offered me sex for 100 bucks in my room and gave me her number but i declined and didn’t complain to the hotel manager because I don’t want to get unnecessarily in trouble with the authorities there, besides i am married man too!. It’s a big shame that Radisson don’t take any action against such people.

  9. This scammer is right now active on the dating site TAU2, her profile:

    One of her messages she sent me:
    ‘When you come to Tashkent, you can stay in my hotel radisson and for $450 you can stay with me all night in my private room in the hotel. I give you all my attention we can make sex in the Jacuzzi, on bed, on table, i love blowjob and can give you good massage with oil. You can cum where you want, I love your white milk on my boobs, in my mouth or deep inside me.’

    And she sent me some sexy pics as what you can see already here on this site…
    Just another russian prostitute.

  10. I saw her while i was staying at the hotel Hyatt in Tashkent in november of past year.
    When i wanted go to my room she offered me the same special erotic services. Neither i didn’t accept her offer.
    She works now in another hotel? or does she works in different hotels there?

  11. We are dealing with 3 different scammers they work all together through dating sites, facebook, WhatsApp and other online apps and social media sites.
    These 3 persons are:
    1 – This one Ekaterina klimova, who apparently is the leader
    2 – Maftuna Rakhimova (alias maria) from the same region as Ekaterina
    3 – Nasiba Boykuziyeva from Tashkent

    These 3 girls looks for men to scam online through dating sites. In Uzbekistan they work as prostitutes, katia klimova is who hire maftuna and nasiba depends on the desire of the client. katia arrange all in (apparently) different hotels in Tashkent, Radisson, Hyatt and others.

    Some weeks ago I was in uzbekistan for business purposes, and stayed in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Tashkent. She offered me trio sex for all night with Maria (maftuna) and with nasiba for $700 in her room in Radisson hotel but didn’t accept the offer because too high price for 2 not so pretty girls, nasiba was much more pretty but she don’t do this alone only with katia and with maftuna

    Through the fb from katia (ledi di) I found the fb page of Nasiba Boykuziyeva:
    and then through the fb from nasiba I found maftuna rakhimova’s fb:

    On both fb’s (from katia and maftuma) there are one friend in common: Nasiba Boykuziyeva

  12. Nasiba was active on tau2 and yesterday I asked why she are on dating site if she already has a man from the usa.
    Her answer was to get the US citizenship and then divorce from him. And then Ekaterina and the other girl come to the US through nasiba.
    Today nasiba deleted her profile on tau2 and wasn’t amused i have found the facebook of Caleb Uhe.

  13. I am more and more shocked how much you can fall low, in a short time.
    Does really poverty cause such greed?

  14. Do you know Kat? You are the most horribile person from Earth. Go to hell bitch, what you are! You should be block by admin of tau 2, face of dog ass! You disgusting me! Bleach!.

  15. This person is nothing but an attention freak, scammer and dirty hotel whore. A complete waste of a good man’s time

    1. Agree with you dennis
      she is not looking for bf… just want you to come to her hotel and show herself for a lot of bucks….

  16. Caleb Uhe…. I know him, his full name is Caleb J Uhe and unfortunately he is my neighbor, living in 315 Pine St Mineral Point WI 53565-1023… he was arrested on 11 of May due to domestic disturbance…

    1205 N. Bequette St. Dodgeville, WI 53533
    Phone: (608) 935 – 3314 FAX: (608) 935 – 5377

    10:53 PM The Iowa County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a disturbance on Pine Street in Mineral Point. As a result, Caleb Uhe, 42 of Mineral Point, was arrested for Domestic Disorderly Conduct. Uhe was transported to the Iowa County Jail where he was booked on the charge and later released to a responsible party. The Mineral Point Police Department and an Iowa County Deputy responded to the incident.

    Here’s the original post

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