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AntiScam Team (We protect you against scammers)

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Mariel Yunson from Iloilo City, Philippines

Name: Mariel Yunson

E-mail: [email protected],

Yahoo Messenger: yunsonmariel

Skype: mariel.yunson

Description: I meet her on, we began to talk through yahoo and she wanted meet me in her country. When i came to her, she was waiting me near the hotel where i reserved. In real she are not so pretty as on her photos. When the days left, i began to realize that this girl are a real gold digger, coz, she wanted many nice things and also always asking for money, after 3 days i dumped her. Also her phone did’nt stop ringing and was look like some kind of men or may be her pimp. I went back to the US, but very dissapointed about her. It was a hard lesson for me not to believe in internet love. For me was the first time using an online dating site, and was also the last one. and spent many money to her. On her facebook account, you can see that she has many men from abroad, while i was in the Philippines she was chatting with other men through Facebook and other sites.

Operates/Operated on site(s):,,, Google+,,

Photos used: 

Reported by: Dave Morgan, California, United States.

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Reporting scam reports on Antiscam

From now on, you can report to us a scam, through the Report Scam/Contact form.

We need at least, the original text of the scammer, a photo, the site where he or she are active, the email address used, and if you have more information, such as skype or another online chat account, phone number, home address, will be always welcome. Also if you have copy of some official documents from that scammer, such as passport copy (scan), or another document, will be welcome for us. Remember the objective of this site is: We protect you against scammers!.

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Happy New ScamFree Year 2014!

From the TEAM ANTISCAM, Happy New ScamFree Year 2014!.

And with this opportunity we want announce the launch  of our domains for Belgium:

From now on in Belgium: We protect you against scammers!

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