Natalia Sergeevna ‘Johnson’ from Briyansk, Russia

Name: Natalia Sergeevna ‘Johnson’

E-mail addresses: [email protected],

Addresses: Gorbatova street 11-51, 241037, Bryansk

Phone numbers: +7 (8)-980-334-90-19

Description: She contacts you through contact sites, after communication she wants come to you, but i wanted meet her in russia and was no problem, we meet in her city  past christmas 2010, after arrival, she used me as ‘walking wallet’ buying the most expensive things and clothes, for her for her parents and so on. If i didnt agree, then she will make my stay in russia impossible and if need she will call the police!. It was my first but last time that i went to russia, never didnt figure out why her surname is johnson.


Reported by: Jack from Maryland (United States)

Alena Roshepko from Perm, Russia

Updated on: 27-09-2013. This scammer are nowadays active on TAU2, lavaplace,, and other dating sites.

Real Name: Alena Roshepko, Alena Roshchepko

E-mail adresses: [email protected]

Operates/Operated on site(s):,,, skype,,,, (Search:  Alenaperm),,,,,,

Description: She answers to announces from men seeking women on in personals. After contact she fall in love with you and want to meet you. She asks for job visa and money, but you shouldnt never see her. She also can contact you on skype. Her last activity was in Milano Italy in summer of 2010. Source from the italian department of social security. When her visa finishes she go back to Perm in russia and starts from the begin searching for the next man from spain or italy.

Note from the Admin: She has sent to us this letter dated on 21 May 2013:

Hello Admin!
I looke in internet this infrormation about me, that I am scammer. And
now i would like to know why you write this bad information about me
without check??? I never dont meet Paolo? How is it? Also I never habe
been in Italy and its very easy to check)) (my pasport). Also I marred
in 01/09/2009 and in summer 2010 I was pregnant and wait my baby.
And now she is 3 years old. But I dont like that this taradiddle can
read evreybody in internet! Please answer me what doues it mean?

Well Alena, if you are married and has a child (as you wrote on this letter above!), what the heck are you doing on dating sites and why you’re posting profiles on there? Obviously, to scam people, to get visa (and some money) to spain or Italy.


Photos used: 

Reported by: Paolo and Admin.

Julia from Kazan (Russia)

Name: Julia

E-mail addresses: [email protected],

X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.29) Professional


Description: I found her on, after several contacts by mail, she felt deeply in love with you, she wants to have real meet, she asks money for visa and travel and deliver this through western union. Of course i didnt send money.


Reported by: Paul Mcwire

Kseniya Lapochka from Russia (but mail is sent from U.K.)

Name: Kseniya Lapochka

E-mail addresses: [email protected],

X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.29) Professional

Description: Hello! I wrote you a message. The fact that I am in search of their
dreams and new adventures. Look through your profile and I like it
very much. I’m tired of being single. and decided that I am entitled
to happiness. I want to find the man of my dreams, my companion life.
I hope I find happiness, I want someone who protects me, Who I really
am happy. And if you want to continue dating me, write me and send us
your photos! I’ll wait for your quick response.


Reported by: Pierre Parisien

Yuliya from Russia

Name: Yuliya

E-mail address:,,

X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.04.7) UNREG / CD5BF9353B3B7091

Description: Hello.
How are things going with you?
My name Yuliya, and I would like will get acquainted with you.
I in search of the man for creation of relations.
If I you for interested, I ask you to answer me.
I will wait from you the letter.
With the best regards, Yuliya


Reported by: Paul Mcwire

Helda Elyani from Balikpapan (Region: Kalimantan timur) Indonesia

Update 12 March 2011: This scammer is active on several asian datings sites, and she is so original to write on her profiles that she never has scammed somebody, but certainly the copy of her passport that is stored on our secured server proves that she lie. Also why you should change many times in week, even twice a day, your photos on those profiles if you has nothing to worry about?

Update 5 October 2012: We got some reports that this scammer are active again on asian dating sites.

Update 3 December 2013: Photos of this scammer updated

Update 14 December 2013: We seems again many activity of this scammer, WATCH OUT!.

Update 22 July 2020: This scammer is active through facebook as Paytreni Helda and through her whatsapp number, but her scam method is the same, proposing foreigners to marry, but before marriage they need to take money for buy house on her name in Indonesia. NEVER DO THAT!! Also it seems she is or was married with indonesian guy. See update photos in the gallery.

Name: Helda Elyani, Paytreni Helda, 
Username(s) used:
imanangel19, indongal19, paytreni helda,
Birth Date: 19 March 1986
Home address: Jalan Inpres IV RT. 05 No. 36 Balikpapan Kaltim 76125 Indonesia
Email adresses: [email protected] (also as her IM), [email protected],
Skype: imanangel19,
Phone: 085387893655
Website(s) used:,,,,,,, Google+,,

Description: She contacted me through an Asian dating site about her interest in me, we started our communication, where after we continued on Yahoo Messenger. After 2 months of our communication i asked her to marry with me Halal and to get the Nikah, she agreed, so i prepared all for our marriage there in Indonesia as how Helda wanted. I bought flight tickets to Indonesia, Helda and i agreed that we should stay at home of one friend of her. But four days before my departure to Jakarta, she wrote me that her brother, not wanted that we such quickly marry and he wanted that i first came for meet her only and to buy house. Because i already had the flight tickets i was forced to agree. When i arrived there, i didn’t get any sign of Helda, so i called her by phone, she told me that her brother was waiting and will take me to Balikpapan. Then he called me to my phone saying that he was waiting at the information desk. When i have meet him at the airport, he told me that i can only stay 2 weeks no more, i told him that i have a month flight ticket, he say that he will change the date for me, after we got into the car and bring me to Balikpapan. When we arrived there i meet Helda and we began talk about us. On the next days Helda’s brother took a friend who knows about real estate, so we began to look houses for our future, where we should live… but the days passed away and was nothing that really was attracting me to buy. Because Helda’s brother told me that i can only stay 2 weeks, and the time was running out, we finally found a house, with a nice garden, not far from Helda’s friend house. Helda took her documents such as passport and other… and i my passport,we make some copies of our documents and then her brother told me to put Helda Elyani as owner of the house so that she will pay much more less tax then i as foreigner. So stupid as i was, i believed them in the name of the Islam, and put in the documents Helda Elyani as the owner of the house. After my departute from Jakarta, Helda asked me to return as soon as possible to Indonesia. When i was back at home, i saw on YM that Helda blocked me, also sending emails was not possible, also she didnt pick up my phone calls… When i did a try on google i found out that Helda was again active on several asian dating sites, when i asked her for explanation she only answered that wasn’t she.Then i know that i was been scammed by Helda and its “brother”. I tried a lawsuit against her, but that country is a big corruption that was impossible to get back my money. One thing i was making good to take a copy of Helda’s passport. Be aware with this very ingenious and original scammers. So original that you will believe her.


Reported by: Vasudev Subramanya from Aurangabad (Region: Maharashtra), India

Tatiana Brady from Chistopol, Russia (but mail is sent from the U.S)

Name: Tatiana Brady

E-mail adresses: [email protected],

Received: from [] by via HTTP; Fri, 21 Jan 2011 11:25:39 GMT

Description: Salut
Je eenzaam bent? Ik ook!
Ik Op zoek naar de man voor het leven en voor de schepping van de familie. Dat we het gemeenschappelijke probleem. Als geinteresseerd bent, schrijf dan naar mij op mijn e-mail. En we kunnen uitwisselen onze foto’s. Ik zeggen een beetje over mezelf:: Ik kom uit Rusland, de stad Chistopol. Mijn naam is Tatiana. Ik ben 29 jaar oud, mijn lengte 168 cm en ik weeg 55 kg. Gemiddelde lichaamsbouw. Ik hoop dat je een brief schrijven. kijken uit naar uw antwoord! met veel respect, Tatiana Brady .

Has used an online translator because the dutch sentences are far as bad.


Reported by: Mike Anderson

Katy ([email protected])

Name: Katherine aka Katy

Mail headers: Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 15:09:24 +0300
From: <[email protected]>
To: “info” <hidden>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.24)
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Subject: Good day:):):)

E-mail adresses: [email protected],

Description: She writes to you as first. After communicating some days she felt in love with you. She wants to come to your country and ask invitation for visa and money.


Reported by: John