Helda Elyani from Balikpapan (Region: Kalimantan timur) Indonesia

Update 12 March 2011: This scammer is active on several asian datings sites, and she is so original to write on her profiles that she never has scammed somebody, but certainly the copy of her passport that is stored on our secured server proves that she lie. Also why you should change many times in week, even twice a day, your photos on those profiles if you has nothing to worry about?

Update 5 October 2012: We got some reports that this scammer are active again on asian dating sites.

Update 3 December 2013: Photos of this scammer updated

Update 14 December 2013: We seems again many activity of this scammer, WATCH OUT!.

Update 22 July 2020: This scammer is active through facebook as Paytreni Helda and through her whatsapp number, but her scam method is the same, proposing foreigners to marry, but before marriage they need to take money for buy house on her name in Indonesia. NEVER DO THAT!! Also it seems she is or was married with indonesian guy. See update photos in the gallery.

Name: Helda Elyani, Paytreni Helda, 
Username(s) used:
imanangel19, indongal19, paytreni helda,
Birth Date: 19 March 1986
Home address: Jalan Inpres IV RT. 05 No. 36 Balikpapan Kaltim 76125 Indonesia
Email adresses: [email protected] (also as her IM), [email protected],
Skype: imanangel19,
Phone: 085387893655
Website(s) used: dateinasia.com, okcupido.com, look4marriage.com, facebook.com(1), facebook.com(2), asiapassions.com, datnec.com, Google+, twitter.com, stardoll.com

Description: She contacted me through an Asian dating site about her interest in me, we started our communication, where after we continued on Yahoo Messenger. After 2 months of our communication i asked her to marry with me Halal and to get the Nikah, she agreed, so i prepared all for our marriage there in Indonesia as how Helda wanted. I bought flight tickets to Indonesia, Helda and i agreed that we should stay at home of one friend of her. But four days before my departure to Jakarta, she wrote me that her brother, not wanted that we such quickly marry and he wanted that i first came for meet her only and to buy house. Because i already had the flight tickets i was forced to agree. When i arrived there, i didn’t get any sign of Helda, so i called her by phone, she told me that her brother was waiting and will take me to Balikpapan. Then he called me to my phone saying that he was waiting at the information desk. When i have meet him at the airport, he told me that i can only stay 2 weeks no more, i told him that i have a month flight ticket, he say that he will change the date for me, after we got into the car and bring me to Balikpapan. When we arrived there i meet Helda and we began talk about us. On the next days Helda’s brother took a friend who knows about real estate, so we began to look houses for our future, where we should live… but the days passed away and was nothing that really was attracting me to buy. Because Helda’s brother told me that i can only stay 2 weeks, and the time was running out, we finally found a house, with a nice garden, not far from Helda’s friend house. Helda took her documents such as passport and other… and i my passport,we make some copies of our documents and then her brother told me to put Helda Elyani as owner of the house so that she will pay much more less tax then i as foreigner. So stupid as i was, i believed them in the name of the Islam, and put in the documents Helda Elyani as the owner of the house. After my departute from Jakarta, Helda asked me to return as soon as possible to Indonesia. When i was back at home, i saw on YM that Helda blocked me, also sending emails was not possible, also she didnt pick up my phone calls… When i did a try on google i found out that Helda was again active on several asian dating sites, when i asked her for explanation she only answered that wasn’t she.Then i know that i was been scammed by Helda and its “brother”. I tried a lawsuit against her, but that country is a big corruption that was impossible to get back my money. One thing i was making good to take a copy of Helda’s passport. Be aware with this very ingenious and original scammers. So original that you will believe her.


Reported by: Vasudev Subramanya from Aurangabad (Region: Maharashtra), India

15 thoughts on “Helda Elyani from Balikpapan (Region: Kalimantan timur) Indonesia”

  1. This girl tried to scam me at the same way as how she scammed this man from india through the site http://www.dateinasia.com. Also we was engaged for marriage halal, but then also comes her brother saying that first time we can only meet, and when this helda told me that when i will come first time to indonesia, that we will look and buy house so that when for second arrival in indonesia and to get married we can go directly to our house. For me was that strange and then i began search her name and found out here and on many other sites that she is scamming people, just as me. Then i stopped communication with her, and yes as you say, on the sites where she has profiles writes that it wasn’t she and that she never has scammed somebody and that i not need your money, of course because she not want your money if you buy house on her name. Also this girl claims to be muslim, but in reality she is or was using drugs and has regularly sex with other men and that is for the Islam a big haram. Now she looking for foreign men living in indonesia, Look out with this scammer!!!

  2. You all are fools, i also meet her on DIA, now we have regularly encounters for sex, she scammed and fooled you, but i have fun with her hahahaha

  3. I met this girl some months ago on dateinasia, we communicate, and after 3 weeks she wanted marry with me. But then her brother say that first we can only meet, marriage later, for me was not a problem coz i live in indonesia, we meet in balikpapan and she began talk about buy house, i say that this will be after marriage. I went back to jogjakarta, and then she never replied my mails, sms, on yahoo and skype she blocked me… for me was somewhat strange. I went back to balikpapan, to her and i saw her with other men. Not only a scammer but also a cheater. I saw now on her profile the link to this site, and saying that she never scammed somebody.

  4. This girl is very tricky one, as how she speaks, you will believe her, also if you meet her in real. But she is a devil, the devil on earth. I know her for many years, she are mostly alone at home, her family lives in other places, and many times we have meet and i sleeped all night with her. Muslim? aahahahahaha this is the best joke i get from her.
    Helda, Ketika kita bertemu lagi? Ketika keluarga anda pergi? Hubungi saya, saya ingin anda.

  5. She is a big scammer, and tried to scam me on okcupido.com where she have a profile too, telling me that her mother was very sick and was need expensive medicines for her cure, but when i began to dig on the net, i found out that she is scamming people. When i told this, she blocked me on okcupido.com and also on skype. I have the complete skype chatlog with her, how i can send it to you?

  6. I meet her on dia and after 2 months conversating on Yahoo, she scammed me saying that her niece is very ill and needs expensive medicines, and i sent her $400 dollars on western union, where after she blocked me on yahoo and on dia. I already have reported her to the authorities, this scammer must be stopped!!. From time to time she deletes her old and post new profiles on the same site but with different profile names so that tracking this scammer is more complicated.

  7. I meet her twice a month and also sleep all night in her house. Dia sangat baik di tempat tidur. Saya suka payudaranya kecil. Segera kita bertemu lagi!!! hahaha she not likes cockroaches, but big cock she likes so much.

  8. Yeah this girl is a tricky one, she offered show 2 cam on skype, while on her profile writes that she does not show her body to nobody… yeah right!! She is very very skinny and has very tiny breasts, but her teenager body is very sensual. Hope we can have more cam sessions helda, see you soon.

  9. Hello iam surya from banjarmasin. She very active on dia, some days ago she writing me, yesterday giving me her ym, bcoz wanted know if iam real on cam and after see me, she ask if i want show2cam, i say is haram! and delete her from ym. I went to my Masjid At-Tanwir and hear people talking about helda elyani from balikpapan. Kau malu besar bagi negara kita! Malu! Sanjaya dan gita anda malu juga!

  10. I meet her in march on dateinsAsia, after some months, she wanted meet me in real, i flew to her and i stay there for 3 weeks in balikpapan. Helda likes very much shopping and i bought for her dresses, shoes and also 2 golden rings. She stayed all night with me 3 ot 4 times on week, when nobody was at her home. If you know how to get her, then she will be open for you! Thanks Helda i have had a great time with you!.

  11. This bitch scammed me some months ago saying that her daughter was very ill and needing some medicines where she wasn’t be able to effort it, i was so stupid and send her through moneygram 200 us dollars, hope she will go soon to prison.

  12. I am Vasudev who meet in 2011 this girl in real and who reported her as scammer here. She wrote on her profile at dateinasia.com that we never had a real meet with me, but only on internet??, this is a big lie and i can prove all, the stamps on my passport, the documents and also i have a copy of your passport. Helda you makes BIG fitna and Allah will punish you!. Why you not answer the letters from my lawyer? Why you hangup if we call you when we asking you to give the money back? And say to your brother he must stop threaten my mother!!! And give the money back!!!!!

  13. I met her on okcupido.com some months ago, we started communicating, some days later she asked me if i was interested to have a sex meet, what positions i like, how long i can hold before finishing, the size of my rod. We meet each other past July in her city, the sex was good, i was be able to finish in her, didn’t see any condom, and was not need to worry because she cannot get pregnant due to a birth complication she told me. We meet 3 times and stayed all night with her. Kiss you dear Heida, soon we meet again.

  14. I know this whore personally, before she moved out to balikpapan. I was her ex-bf We meet many times for sex encounters here in jakarta. Also she likes shopping too much. When you came back to jakarta? we miss you too much.

  15. She begans to write me there on dateinasia, but i wasnt interested in her at all, still she keeping me writing messages. It seems that this kind of persons don’t have any real social life, no real friends, living in a world of deams. Mostly online on dateinasia and may be also on other sites or chat programs. She only wants to have casual meet with me asking me the size of my tool, but i wasnt interested in that. And as you can see on her profile, she doesnt have any respect to the people. Yes helde i have beautiful face, for you only important the looks. I already found a nice lady on that site, for real love and we wll get married soon.

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