Natalia Sergeevna ‘Johnson’ from Briyansk, Russia

Name: Natalia Sergeevna ‘Johnson’

E-mail addresses: [email protected],

Addresses: Gorbatova street 11-51, 241037, Bryansk

Phone numbers: +7 (8)-980-334-90-19

Description: She contacts you through contact sites, after communication she wants come to you, but i wanted meet her in russia and was no problem, we meet in her city  past christmas 2010, after arrival, she used me as ‘walking wallet’ buying the most expensive things and clothes, for her for her parents and so on. If i didnt agree, then she will make my stay in russia impossible and if need she will call the police!. It was my first but last time that i went to russia, never didnt figure out why her surname is johnson.


Reported by: Jack from Maryland (United States)

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