Laras Wati from Balikpapan, Indonesia

Note from the Admin: Info updated on 27 June 2020

Name: Siti Kurnia Laras Wati Muna Zatul Salamah
Nickname: Laraswati Mzs (Laras wati)
Date of birth: 28-10-1991
Email adresses: [email protected], [email protected],
Skype: laras_bandite,
Phone: +6285753401379,
Facebook: Facebook (1),
Other sites: Date in Asia (1), Date in Asia (2), Date in Asia(3), Instagram, FourSquare,  SquarePics, yooying, Academia,

Description: Just an ordinary scammer, she is mostly active on date in asia and Instagram, asking money for her motorcycle, also she do sexcamshows on skype for some bucks. Don’t waste your time with her.

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Reported by: Alex Finch from Norfolk (Nebraska), United States (f*nch**ma*2*

16 thoughts on “Laras Wati from Balikpapan, Indonesia”

  1. I also met her on date in asia, but found out she has many foreign lovers, many men ringing on her phone, how i know this? bcoz she was speaking in english, yes my dear, love you too my dear, when you come my dear, i am so horny my dear, obviously was not indo men. Also she likes when you buy expensive dresses and gadgets but i told her i am not her walking ATM. Waste of time with her.

    1. Yeah for me the same waste of time with her, likes going 2 expensive restaurants, look at her facebook and instagram many pics about plates with food, yeah i also want such.

  2. Through DIA i meet her in samarinda past summer and for 100 bucks she stayed with me 2 weeks and the sex was very good with her she likes doggy style. And she also asked me buy me this or buy me that, just search for good excuse and you’re done.

  3. This girl lives back again in Balikpapan, i meet her on dia where after we chat on skype, and 2 months later we agreed to meet in real in her city Balikpapan. She stayed with me the whole time i was there and certainly the sex was really good, for 120 dollars only, a bargain. She loves bald men with really huge cocks. She has now new email [email protected]
    Little secret for u guys, are u bald? then she will be give you the best blowjob and sex from whole Balikpapan!!!! Soon i come to her again, she can’t wait to suck and ride my big cock and kiss my bald head.
    See you soon my dear Lara.

  4. She’s very active on dia looking for customers.
    I meet with her in balikpapan too and for $30 stayed the whole night with me.
    She is little more chubby then on the pics and has shaggy tits.
    This gal is really hot and loves doggy.
    In May i will be in balikpapan again and can’t wait to meet her again.
    Don’t ask, just do 🙂

  5. She is just a ordinary prostitute also I meet her on and works in Balikpapan with her pimp, the room was very dirty with bad smell of sweat or whatever, the garbage can full of used condoms, the blankets so dirty from the sperm, she offered $20 3 hour without condom and $50 for all night but I turned back and went away, and yes in real she is MORE chubby then on the pictures.
    Believe me in Indonesia there are much more pretty, nice AND clean girls for that money then this one.

  6. yes she only wants money. . prosti
    i wonder how much money she’s made in the last years on date in asia…
    Avoid her….

  7. On date in asia she works very accurate what she say there to avoid her profile will be suspended but on email, skype and phone she clearly says looking men only for sex.
    In real she don’t look much pretty then on the pictures, she’s more chubby and demanding a lot, go out to expensive restaurant, buy expensive dresses and gadgets before you can have sex with her.

  8. Fellas this girl here is just gonna waste your time and money as she’s illiterate and narrow minded wont understand much so spare yourself from embarrassment. Hope this is helpful.

  9. I hooked up with her in balikpapan, and rented a condo there for 2 nights, the sex was really outstanding, knows how to suck getting you into the 7th level and loves to lick and kiss your bald head, the minus is, she asks for buy goodies which i didn’t, and she’s more chubby with saggy boobs….
    Her pimp stayed away after i gave him 10 bucks so i spent in total of 70 bucks for 2 whole days with her.
    See you next time dear laras 😉

  10. Guten Tag herren:
    She is active again on date in asia, as pinkhair see her pro on
    And very interesting what she wrote about money on dia, is just to avoid her account will be suspended. She changes her profile from time to time just to avoid to get a ban on dia. I am staying with her right now, i cant leave indonesia due to covid19, i rented a condo in balikpapan, much more cheaper then the hotels here. Laras comes and stays overnight with me, i didnt see her pimp…
    I can say she is now much more chubby then in past, you can look her old pics on facebook, her tits are very shaggy now, looks like she born baby. Laras gets so turned on older baldy man as i, she has a very sweet shaved pussy, what she likes to be licked and fingered where after we f*ck all night, she loves doggy. I just paid 70 dollars for 4-5 days…
    When you start to talk with her, dont say about money or such, but if you’re older then 40 years, baldy and from GERMANY!!!! jawohl meine herren!!! you have a very good chance to get her in bed.
    But look out, it seems she wants to look for job in germany, she asked me about help for get visa, but nein i wont do it.
    Auf wiedersehen.

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