Gulnora Tadjibaeva from Andijan, Uzbekistan

Note from the Admin: UPDATE 04-09-2018
ATTENTION PLEASE!! It seems this scam report is probably false. Some days ago we got in touch with her husband ‘Jorabek’  with prove of certificate of marriage alleging Gulnora didn’t never meet with this guy from spain in 2015 and neither she does spent money in expensive things.
I have removed some personal info about her and also removed the links to her profiles.

Update 27-11-2017 new info added thanks to ‘sharobbekke’
Update 15-04-2016 facebook profile and new photos added

Name: Gulnora
Other names: gulnoraxon80, 
Date of birth: 22-02-1980
Phone: [hidden], 
Address: [hidden]
E-mail: [hidden], 
Facebook: Facebook (1), Facebook (2), Facebook (3), 
Other sites: (1), (2),, 

Description: I found her on and communicated for 3 months. After she invited me to come to her city. I stayed at the hotel because of my visa. But the meeting was far as pleasant, she loves when you buy expensive things but i knew how to manage not to spend many money. She stayed for some nights with me in the hotel, the sex was normal, nothing extraordinary but ok for me. The last day before i left she asked me for marry but i say no then she went angry and awful. She’s just such kind of woman who is looking a foreigner for the money, just don’t believe her because she is good doing acts and misleading you. Just have her for some fun but beware for your wallet, also she loves to make selfies and post to her profile on some russian profile site. Later i found her profile on facebook and there was written ‘married’ (Facebook 2). On tau2 she have 2 profiles.

Photos used:

Reported by: Carlitos from Spain, m***e**5***

Note from the admin: To see newest photos, just go to her profile on odnoklassniki.

One thought on “Gulnora Tadjibaeva from Andijan, Uzbekistan”

  1. WHAT?!?!?!?! my scam letter fake?!?!?!?! who say that?? i know very good what happened on that day and THIS IS NOT A FALSE SCAM
    administrator how you can say this?!?!?! i give you photos, copy passport with visa to uzbekistan, letters from me and gulnora
    who only looks men for money for this going with every man to bed if need
    husband????? or you mean her PIMP!!!!!!
    Iros a la mierda!!!

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