Jireh Montegrejo Dalman from Dipolog city (Philippines)

Name: Jireh Montegrejo Dalman
Date of Birth: 23 august 1996
Email: [email protected],
Skype: flowersdalman,
Phone number used: +639495492731, +639082961230, Facebook: Facebook(1)Facebook(2),
Other sites: Pizap,, dateinasia.com, filipinalovelinks.com,

Description: I meet her on DIA past May of 2014. On July of the same year we meet in real in her city Dipolog and we decided to engage, we bought wedding rings there and we set up a date for the marriage on October the 15th. In September on her facebook she posted a pic with some guy named Daniel Robert Mark Stivey and asked Jireh who’s that man, she say it was only a friend from her older sister Ruth Dalman. End of September i got a message on my IM from an unknow man named James Smith, he’s from New Zealand. He wrote telling me Jireh and James meet in real in past august and showed me some pics where they are together and planning for marriage too. With this i asked Jireh what is true and why she are together with James, she told me he was a friend from her father and was helping repairing the church. When i asked her about the engagement with James, Jireh blocked me on facebook. Later on that year i saw Jireh got engaged with Daniel on facebook  so for me was the end with Jireh Dalman. She plays and cheats with everybody, using 2 different phone numbers, she are nowadays active on DIA searching for more men. Watch out with girls from asia mostly only wants your money, or get visa and flight ticket to your country, or they are just cheaters. I spent many time and money to her…

Photos used: 

Reported by: Marshall Christian from Springfield, MO, United States (sh**ls*al**578**@gmail.com)

Note from the Admin: It seems that this Daniel Robert Mark Stivey likes to meet very young girls in the Philippines, mostly only 14-16 years old. We have contacted the authorities in the United Kingdom and in the Philippines about this, including the evidence of it to them. They are already investigating about this case.

Here you can find some reports and documentaries about childporn in the Philippines. Click on one of the links below and a new window will open.

Al Jazeera: Philippines’ generation of sex tourism children

BBC UK: paedophiles pay to watch webcam child sex abuse in Philippines

Deutsche Welle: Philippines struggling to tackle child prostitution

The conversation: Philippines webcam child abuse arrests come after decades of exploitation and inequality 

It’s not allowed to have sex with underage girls in the philippines or even to have relationship with them.

The Guardian: Evidence may point to more suspects in alleged Philippines paedophile ring case 

21 thoughts on “Jireh Montegrejo Dalman from Dipolog city (Philippines)”

  1. This bitch cheated me too, spent so many money to her too for the wedding and always was some kind of issue about her documents, now i understand why. Marshall Christan has right she only wants your money and making false promises. And Jireh if you read this, i hacked your yahoo account and all men knows now you are a vulgar cheater and scammer. A|nyway thanks foe the good sex with you, the only positive thing what i had with you.

    1. ahhahahaha she fooled you. For $30 i fucked her all night and she can suck very good and when she was sleeping i took some pics of her naked ahhahahaha you spent so much money for have sex with her while i only spent $30 for all night. hahahaha Jireh kapag matugunan namin muli?

      1. Dude very interesting page you has on facebook, Jireh likes men with glasses? because I, Daniel and you wear glasses.

        1. No she likes dicks many big dicks, you want fuck her? i can arrange it for you, come to manila and we meet her in dipolog, she is very slutty and likes when you are up on her hahahaha

  2. I also meet this Jireh for real in her city of Dipolog in last year in spring. She wanted marry with me and we got engaged. Later i found out she was cheating with one man named Darren Richardson from Brentwood, London, United Kingdom and stopped communicating with her. Now i am happily married with Jeannie from Butan.

  3. If she has nothing to hide, why she changed her name on facebook to Dalman Jai? Very suspicious isn’t it?


    1. Jireh you are done for me, i spent time, money to you while you only was playing with me and with other men too. I did all what you asked me to do, sent copy of my passport, certificate of my divorce , i supported sending money to you. Why you did that Jireh? Why you play games with all of us? You don’t want to be fooled by us but you fooling all of us. If you told me, i am engaged, then not was a problem for me, we can be friends you understand? But saying i love you, i want marry with you and so on not only to me but to other men too, how do you think about this? You never thought about the feelings from me? When i saw you in real, i loved you so much and i was very glad to meet your family too and was convinced to have found my wife, you Jireh. If you are engaged, why you are still on DIA, seeking for husband? You was there just an hour ago. Jireh be honest that’s the way. I can’t accept your apologizes, there happened too much, but you are done for me and i am now busy to forget you.

      1. m8 , i am so angry because she played with me too, i gave her money and paid for the wedding dress when i was with her. Also i sent her scan of my passport to her, i don’t have certificate of divorce because i’m sngle. For me she are also done, never more woman from phills, they are all cheaters and players. I go sleep it’s already 2 AM in NZ.

  5. She fooled me too guys, also sent her my passport and the document i am divorced. I spent to her $800 for ticket and visa fee 3 days ago through western union. I have the receipt, how i can post it here? I can’t add images here.

    where i can find this daniel stivey? we meet 2 years ago in zamboanga when i got pregnant from him he run away and never saw the child. I write message to his fb but he not reply to me.
    Siya ay isang malaking sinungaling, umaalis ako mag-isa sa bata !!!.

  7. I got this letter from her last sunday, she writes:

    Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 2:05 PM
    From: “Flowers Dalman”
    To: “davos511”
    Subject: Re: Hello my love
    Hi my dearest husband uwe…:)
    How are you?

    Yesss I do really love it and thank you so much for the very warmful and sweets greeting my dear uwe iloveu so much…I do really miss you lastnight wish you were here my dearest husband uwe….

    Yes my dear uwe me to wishing that you are here and im calling you my sweeties husband…:)

    My dear yess me to I love also to walk at beach

    Oh hehee yuh kissing at the moonlight I like that..:) its so romantic and i love to kiss you also in real my dearest husband uwe….and hug you so tighter …:* 🙂

    My dear husband uwe I will send you a pic of our boulevard here that near at our house but its in the last that has a sands black..:) cuz our sand here are not white sand its black sand…and our house is just made of wood and simple house and if you like my dear husband uwe I will look for rent house here thats just can make comfortable to sleep for us ….also yess my dear husband uwe I love to be with you on the moment that u were here…:) :* iloveu so much and I miss you wish you were here already cant wait ..and how long will you stay with me my dearest husband uwe ..?

    About the engagement ring my dear husband uwe I did ask the price if how much is it ..and they said its 26,000 pesos my dearest husband uwe and they ask me if I will take it and I tild them that I need to inform you first and talk about it with you…and I told them that wish you would see it cuz its really nice for me and they also said again that its better your here so that no need to take a photo cuz taking photo is very strictly forbidden to there manager….

    take care always my dearest husband uwe mwahh iloveu so muchhug and kisses….:* :*

    Your wife jireh..:)

  8. This Jireh also scammed me for 900 dollars for our planned wedding too.
    The letter what has posted this man named uwe, such kind of letters i got too!.
    But there is more… today i got in touch with her sister named Jemima Dalman Lacang on facebook and what she wrote frightens me so much, in short:
    She was not be able to answer why Jireh dalman changed so many times her facebook name and why she closed her old facebook account and opened a new one.
    When i told her Jireh confessed she have sex with this daniel, she answered, its her life, for us is very normal when the children has sex with much older men.
    When i told her i was scammed by jireh she dont wanted listen to me and when i wanted send to her the receipt from western union then she blocked me on facebook.
    In short this family dont care if their children will have sex with older men because is allowed in the philippines such this jemima say.
    I have sent this chat log from facebook with Jemima Dalman Lacang to the site admin so that they can see and make their own decission with this.

    1. Thanks for this chatlog Jor, we should transfer it to the authorities.
      This was the most awful chatlog i ever has seen in the story of AntiScam Team. It seems this Jemima Dalman Lacang says true about having sex with children in the Philippines. I will post some articles on the main page about this subject.

    2. I told you guys, jireh dalman is a slutty girl, for money she do all you want. Give her 500 pesos and she suck your dick ahhahaha.

  9. Oh my gosh! But on one article from the guardian writes about people who can go to jail. Good job admin! to share these articles about this. Hope this will stopped soon and the criminals will go in jail for many many years. I can’t imagine (if i had one) if my child are filmed or exploited by such dirty old man. I can’t understand how the family dalman tolerates such explotation of their children as how Jemima Dalman Lacang told to me this morning. Such desperate they are….

  10. Sad people.

    Love you cant buy.And girls who do evrything for money are hookers.
    I understand the woman.
    Hard live.No choise.

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