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Description: Hallo pass-holder
It’s time to smooth the Hair
First name: Kristina.
Surname: Butyugina.
Like friends and like enemies.
Country: Russian Federation.
City: Volgograd.
Age: 38.
Height: 167 centimetres
Weight: 58 kilograms.
Eyes: blue.
Hair Color: red.
Virg. Geor. 2.
Her Type of Man: I do believe that our world isn’t lack of real gentlemen!
That I, drinking this,
Character: My family says that I’m open-hearted and always ready to help someone who is in need.
With a reason I’m sad since the time
Interests: I’m anxious for self-development that’s why I decided to receive the second high education.
Round her as she lay;
Kind regards
But there the Golden Same

Reported by: Paul McWire

Note: In the message you can see blank spaces, in this blank spaces there are hidden text, with the left button of the mouse, select the message above and the hidden text in the blank spaces should appear!. This is the newly way for scammers, sending information to each other, but the victim should not notice it, till the message has been selected with the left mouse button and appears. The link to the site: http://yurinon.t35.com does not work anymore. Thanks Paul for this!.

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