WARNING: Go to site mail spammer.

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  • http://maria1110.com.ua
  • http://maria0311.com.ua

We received┬áreports about “fake” profiles or profiles where the woman after starts communication asks for money. Be aware for some links because there can be malicious content and its possible that your computer can be infected with some spyware/adware. Contacting the site owner through the “contact” button leads to the registration page (this is with all the links from the mainpage on that site). There are more variants of domains if you know other variants, please report it using our contact form or leave a message!. We should keep this information updated.

Update 11 March 2011:

Related sites:

  • http://datingsexrus.ru
  • http://russian-babes.ru

Both sites are completely the same and also we received reports about “fake” profiles that doesn’t exist on the site. If you have more information let us know!.

2 thoughts on “WARNING: Go to site mail spammer.”

  1. Ksenija did not give last name but pictures identify her as Ksenija Rush.I live in the island Bermuda and have corresponded with her although she has not asked for money.I am so glad i found your website,and in the future if i can give you input on a scammer i will do so
    Sincerely J Whiting

    1. Also been communicateing with “Ksenija” since 10/3 2011 and now found her profile in some, “stop-scamming-sites”. It all started when I got a mail sent by someone called “Pamela Blevins”.

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