Natalia Bobrova from Dyatlovo (Grodno region), Belarussia, Tübingen and Albstadt, Germany.

Update 07-08-2020: On 28 of July 2020 we got a message  from [email protected] with name Baden-Württemberg Polizeipräsidium Reutlingen, Kriminalkommissariat Tübingen where was written in very poor german language about to remove this post. Because the email was sent from a Gmail account, then i started to investigate because this was suspicious, then i found their official site on where on the site writes their official email address [email protected] in the “kontakt” link.
Team AntiScam contacted the police  through the official email asking if they are using such email address from gmail, their answer was no, they never use free email account such as Gmail, hotmail and others, only their email what is written on their official site. Then i, Michel Petersen, told them about the scammer Natalia Bobrova, and i have sent to them all the evidence against her. I am happy to announce that the police in Tubingen has started a investigation against natalia Bobrova, because she violated the german law with forgery, she can face a trial up to 5 years of prison.
If somebody has news about her, or recognize her or if you know where she is now, please contact the police in Tubingen on:

Polizeipräsidium Reutlingen

Bismarckstraße 60
72764 Reutlingen

Telefon +49 (0) 7121 / 942-0
Telefax +49 (0) 7121 / 942-5409

E-Mail: [email protected]

De-Mail: [email protected]

Update 05-02-2012: This scammer has been seen in  Tubingen and Albstadt, Germany. Searching for new victims, Be aware with this active internet scammer!.

Update 10-06-2011: This scammer wrote to us using using 2 different emails to make 2 false testimonials, wanted to remove this post, one from [email protected] at 19:29 where writes:

Such stupidness, absolutely a lie! She is a very good person, a teacher and a wonderful kind woman.

and second with [email protected] at 19:34 where wrote:

She is my nabour, she never cheats noone. A wonderful, kind woman. Always with a child and never with men.

Both persons does not exists because she wrote this false testimonials, the Provider’s IP adress from the both false messages are the same as her own IP address:

Name: Natalia Bobrova aka NataBob (Наталья Бобровa)
E-mail addresses: [email protected], [email protected],
Addresses: Yugu Zapadnaya 32 (Dyatlovo)
Country: Belarussia
Cell phone numbers: +375299389537
Skype name: NATA241276
Facebook: Facebook,  
Other sites:,,,,

Description: Through skype she added me, we started communication, after 2 weeks she felt deeply in love and wanted have real meet. Past november 2010, i prepared all papers for visa and sent money to her for bus ticket to Germany. She never arrived to my city, when asked to the bus driver he tolds me she has go out in Berlin and that one man meet her there.


Reported by: Dieter from Leipzig (Germany)

11 thoughts on “Natalia Bobrova from Dyatlovo (Grodno region), Belarussia, Tübingen and Albstadt, Germany.”

  1. Vor einigen Monaten traf ich Natalia Bobrova auf
    Wir schrieben miteinander über e-mail und mai 2014 wollte sie mich in meiner stadt, Stuttgart erfüllen. Natalia bat um geld für visum und flugtickets, ich musste zu ihrer mutter Valentina Bobrova aus Weißrussland zu schicken. Ich habe misstrauisch und suchten ihr name im internet und fand diese seite. Vielen dank, es hat mich eine menge geld und elend zu vermeiden. Sie schickte mir ein aktuelles foto für mich, vielleicht sinnvoll, auf dieser website.

    1. Translated into english:

      A few months ago I met Natalia Bobrova on
      We wrote to each other via e-mail and May 2014, it wanted to meet me in my city, Stuttgart. Natalia asked for money for visa and flight tickets, I had to send to your mother Valentina Bobrova from Belarus. I have suspicious and searched her name on the internet and found this page. Thank you, it took me a lot of money and avoid miserable. She sent me a recent photo for me, maybe useful on this website.

  2. This girl was using my dating site, first with her real name, where after some months later she was using false profiles from exisiting men or women where i have banned her from my site because she was harrasing the members. I have warned all my members about her and also i have her home address when she was registered on my site. I have given her address to the webmaster of this site may be useful to publish and warn other possible victims from her.

  3. We have received much more complains about this scammer that looks like she has changed her name to Natalie Mueller, her real name is Natalia Bobrova. Many of this scam reports came indeed from Germany (Internet provider PrimaCom A.G) and one from Kansas city, USA, this report are verified and also we got report from an admin of a dating site who asked not to publish the name of his site here, telling us that this scammer used many different profiles from men and women, stealing their photos and the complete questionnaire (to duplicate), chantaging, harrasing them through that site. Also we will report her to the internet provider due to massive SPAM to our site, through the Abuse Department.

  4. Heute eine meldung von diesem Natalia Bobrova erhielt ich, ich zitiere:
    Wenn sie die nachricht von ihnen auf dieser website nicht gelöscht haben, erhalten sie einen unangenehmen besuch von freunden aus Minsk bald zu erhalten. Sie wurden gewarnt Hans.
    Ich sehe dies als eine bedrohung …

    1. Translated into english:

      Today there is a message from this Natalia Bobrova I received, and I quote:
      If you have not deleted the message from them on this website, you get an unpleasant visit of friends from Minsk to get it soon. You have been warned Hans.
      I see this as a threat …

  5. We ask to all of you to write in english please, if it is possible for you.
    Team Antiscam.

  6. Ich weiß, dass diese frau, sie lebt in meiner straße und hat eine tochter mit gesundheitlichen problemen. Eine fremde frau, es gibt täglich viele männer in ihrer wohnung.

  7. Where i cann finden this woman? i was to polizei in Tubbingen und not found her.
    She stolen may money from me.
    Dieser auslander RAUS!!

  8. I found a old message from this scammer on millionaires giving money Sir Richard Brandson…
    the link to the site

    And this is what this natalia wrote some years ago….

    Dear Sir Sir Richard Branson,

    I write a letter, because i need money. I´m 36 years old, lonely mother. Having the problem with the health i can not work so much now.

    I would like to open my own little business. I can not more. I do not have more streanth. I live in Germany now, originally from Belarus. As i am a teacher, they

    have not accepted my Diplomas here. In my motherland now also there are problems.

    Hope for Your Help.

    e-mail: [email protected]

    With the best regards


    But i guess Sir Richard Brandson is not stupid to give money to such liar, cheater, visa and money scammer as this one….
    What a phatetic woman, and happy i dumped her some years ago.

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