Shonie Bawiga Dagaya from Bantayan island (Cebu), Philippines

Name: Shonie Bawiga Dagaya
Home address: baod bantayan island Cebu (false address)
Date of birth: Unknown, she gives different birth dates to people
Skype: shonie.dagaya79, alleyahshane,
Phone numbers used: +639102840590,
Facebook: Facebook(1), Facebook(2)Facebook(3)
Other sites:,,, Google+,

Description: This girl are active on several dating sites finding her “exclusive” sponsors because she likes to live in luxury life. She tells you a very sad story about her, staying without eat, no electricity in the house her daughter not has eat. But i found out she dont have any daughter the photos of the little child she took from her nephew, she dont have any children. Just a ordinary dirty filipina scammer who likes to live luxury life at your expense. The screenshots is made all on the same day, you can check this on her facebook and judge yourself.

Photos used:

Reported by: Luc Andersson from Haugesund, Norway (luc**7*

26 thoughts on “Shonie Bawiga Dagaya from Bantayan island (Cebu), Philippines”

  1. I know her personally and yes she likes to live a luxury life, but what do u want? if u want have some adventures with her. U r right she don’t have children. While I was with her at Hayahay Resort Alona Beach we have a great time and very good sex. We did it also at night in the pool. Dear Shonie I can’t wait to see and be with you again and start new adventures with u.

  2. She is very sensual and have meet her several times in Cebu, I love her sensuality, she is my f*ckbuddy 4ever. It’s always party time with her. Luv you shonie.

  3. She is so stupid, the second sentence was the question for money, the most primitive scamer i ever met on pinalove

  4. I met her 2 years ago in her place, she knows how to pleasure the man, of course she wants have something in change for this ๐Ÿ˜‰ if you look for nice company and hot nights, she is the girl what you look for.

  5. …and the funniest thing is that this girl is looking for honest men on! My laugh of the day!!

    1. @Chilo1966: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… your laugh of the day? for me not really…
      such girls are crying about men are not serious, we are scammers, liars, cheaters, players, looking for sex, but this is a good example of this piece of trash who is f*cking up all for who are serious.

  6. Her profile text on pinalove:
    serious people

    I am serious,loyal and honest i am looking for my husband to be. A guy that accept my daughter to his the way i am a single mom i have 2yr old daughter.never married.please dont lie so tired people always saying me we can meet then i said ok then didnt contact me.if you want to meet me be sure you meet me!!
    Its so hard to trust the people!!
    With such scumbag as you, how we can trust to the people??
    Please don’t lie, you say? your whole life is a BIG lie, your daughter is a LIE coz you don’t have children, while you are scamming people on dating sites you are living a luxury life going from resort to resort with your f*ckbuddies or as how you say “sponsors” spending the money from men who you scammed through dating sites.

    @Chilo1966 laught of the day? may be for you but not for me, I sent her 500 dollars coz she and her daughter didn’t eat for 2 days…

    One day GOD should punish you…

  7. *** MEN BEWARE – This girl is soliciting for money…*** Remember guys – if we don’t post our comments on such sites or forums as this, then we will be the ones getting scammed not them!

  8. Shonie where are you? I don’t see you on fb ๐Ÿ™ . I’d love to see your sexy pics there it makes my day hot.

  9. Hello my name is Vikram from India, you looks very sexy and I am regularly in Cebu. I give you 2000 peso for spend one night with me, you looks delicious. Write to my email [email protected] kiss kiss sexy lady and let’s have hot night.

  10. Shonie is back on facebook again, i’d love to see her sexy pics it makes me horny.

  11. OK OK i don’t have daughter and lied about it. My parents are poor living in a board house, i don’t want to live as my parents and that’s why i am looking for men on dating sites who will support me financially or who wants come to cebu and going together to different resorts and having great nights with me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Shonie is just a player and liar at all, she don’t have any daughter, her sister has a daughter named alliyah but it’s not from shonie.
    Shonie likes only to have fun with foreign men who are in Cebu in exchange for financial support to her and likes to be single without boyfriend or getting into a relationship. She loves to flirt with men through internet and in real life and always share the bed with some guy every night. I don’t need such girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. seems like interesting person to be with for hot nights….huh….well i am Lou dont know how to reach you, but heres my no. 0942 0293023…hopin to catch u soon….

  14. Scammer already has birthday that needs money and help don’t send these women money, come to the Philippines many here bra fine as many as you want , I have been here for 15 years ago before they had computers had to go to internet, you could pick them up like flys now you men think there all beautiful watch porn its cheaper don’t give them money that is how Thailand got messed up guys giving money !! don’t do it !!

  15. This girl is a waste of time…all shes doing is floating her ego here shopping for someone that will never come to fruition….save your time guys and find someone genuine….

  16. Seems in prostitution to me.Showing her self in bra .Difficult to believe in someone as her .IS ONLY MY OPINION

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