Hồng Lê (Hong Le) from Hai Phong, Vietnam

Name: Hồng Lê (Hong Le)
Date of birth: Unknown, she gives different birth dates to people
Email addresses: [email protected],
Facebook: Hồng Lê (1), Hồng Lê (2),
Other sites: vietnameselove.com, asiandating.com, dateinasia.com,

Description: She was active on DIA where we started communicate, after some days she began to tell me about her problems with her study, her mother is very sick and needs financial support. Bcoz in past i was scammed, i didn’t trust at all so i began to search her name and found her facebook where on her status was written “In a relationship”, and searching her facebook more deeply i found out with who, with one guy named Đức Anh from the same town where she lives. When i confronted her about this she blocked me. Just another scammer and cheater looking for money and likes to flirt with the whole world.

Photos used:

Reported by: Dave Porter from Sidney, Australia (da***m**ort*[email protected])

4 thoughts on “Hồng Lê (Hong Le) from Hai Phong, Vietnam”

  1. Hello my name is Đức Anh the fiancée of Hồng Lê . We have relationship for 2 years and more and we agree to marry in November. Dave porter who are you? what is vietnameselove.com? what is DIA? Hồng Lê này là gì? trang hẹn hò? Dave Porter là ai? Bạn có giữ bí mật cho tôi?

  2. Hong is a very sweet, sensual and hot girl, if you are in Hai phong, and you want some wild adventures, this is the girl you need, sex was superb. Just go to the point with her and give the money when you are with her in the room 🙂

  3. This Hong le is a first class flirter, look on her facebook, she flirts with mankind. And look to the photos, the dress and flirting faces it says already all about the person. You want some sex adventures? then this is your girl as how Willy Me commented here.

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