Annie Rose Sano Samal from Mindanao, Davao City, Philippines

Name: Annie Rose Samal, Annie Rose Sano
Real Name: Annie Rose Sano Samal
Home Address : El rio vista, phase 4 kamuning street Bacaca, Davao City, 8000, Philippines
Date of birth: 18-06-1997
Email adresses: [email protected],
Skype: annierosesano, annie.rose.sano,
Phone: +639199213371,
Facebook: Facebook (1),
Other sites:,,  Youtube, Google+,

Description: I found her across in august 2015, on her profile was wrote, looking for my future husband and to get married… We started chat, after we continue on skype, some weeks later she asking me for financial help because she has rent debt and also not more milk for her daughter. I sent her money every month 420 Swiss Francs, this is nearly 20.000 peso and we agreed to get engaged and to marry in january or february 2016. In november i began to suspice her and asked her facebook or instagram profile but i never got from her, when i began search her name on facebook, i found out she was engaged with some guy from finland. I asked her if she not was having any relationship with other men, she wrote me i not was serious and only playing, after she blocked me and can’t send her reply back on skype. I tried to call her on phone but she didn’t pick up the phone or answer my call. I am very disappointed on her.

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Reported by: Florian Heidegger from Bern, Zwitzerland (f**ri**21*he**

One thought on “Annie Rose Sano Samal from Mindanao, Davao City, Philippines”

  1. i know this girl.. it was September of (first week) 2015 when i met her coz my husband and his friend (the one who she got engaged with) was her lover that time in Cagayan de Oro city.. my husband and his friend went to the Philippines last year June 2015 until September 11 2015.. but they already met in August 2015 and was living together with us (my husband and his friend) in the same house First week of September until they went back to Finland last Sept. 11 2015. at first we are already doubted this lady that she has something fishy on her attitude and she really is suspicious cos i also heard something on her over the phone that she have been sending money to her family already but she told my husband’s friend a different story.. so i told my husband about what i heard and my husband directly said to his friend about what i heard but his friend didn’t believe us and that made us we just let them be. now i am here in Finland living with my husband, we heard that his friend will be going back to the Philippines coz they planned to get married.. it was November 2015 that my husband’s friend went back to the Philippines to get married with her.. but it didn’t happen coz he found out that this girl is really a scammer and went back here in Finland last year December 2015 and their plan to get married was ruined..

    so guys out there.. be aware of this kind of lady.. a lot of them in the Philippines.. but i am also sure that a lot of Fillipina who is well mannered and decent one..just make it sure that she is really worth it.. i am from the Philippines but i know that there is really a lot of scammer from my country and you should be aware of it..

    and oh.. fyi… me and my husband also met on DIA and i know that a lot of people in there that really being just be wise, especially in choosing someone.

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