Ana Rose Alvarez (melotzkie) from Cebu City, Philippines

Update on 11-01-2016: Added screenshot from a chat conversation on facebook where Ana Rose Alvarez admits she’s seeking other foreign men. The conversation with her was through the facebook profile of Robert Fisher. Thanks Anton for the report and the evidence.

Name: Ana Rose Alvarez aka Melotzkie
Real Name: Ana Rose Cabahug Alvarez
Home Address : 2nd Street Consuelo Village Basak Mandaue Cebu city, Philippines
Date of birth: 09-12-1993
Email adresses:
[email protected][email protected],
Skype: melotzkieee09,
Phone: +639217101172, +639489385303,
Facebook: Facebook (1), Facebook (2),  Facebook (3), Robert Fisher’s Facebook,
Other sites:,, Youtube,

Description: I met her in september of 2014 on, and started to communicate. Because she has a son, she asked me some money for buy a present for her son Fritz for Christmas and i did this through western union. Later in 2015 she asked me money because her phone or tablet was broken and i sent her 300 bucks and we agreed to meet and marry in July of 2015. When i began to search on her facebook i saw she have more then one profile there. On a second profile of her i found out she was engaged with another foreigner and i asked her for some explanation. She told me he was only to support her and Fritz financially till my arrival, i didnt believe this and  stopped communicate with her. I spent to her 1000 bucks or more in total, a real scammer and cheater, also she likes to give sexcamshow to everybody.

Photos used: 

Reported by: Wallace Smith from Twin Falls (Idaho), United States (sa*sons**ho*[email protected])

34 thoughts on “Ana Rose Alvarez (melotzkie) from Cebu City, Philippines”

  1. I knew her from also and when we started to communicate she was always asking me for money because phone is broken, aunt don’t give her foods, dress for her and her son. She wanted give me sexcamshow for 300 pesos, and after se got the money she took off all her dress and showed me her naked body. Just a ordinary whore.

  2. I has been scammed and cheated by her too. It hurted me so much when i found out how she cheats with other men and also looking for more victims through dating sites. This was my first and last meet with filipina woman, they’re the same as woman from the states ALL CHEATERS, money matters only for them!!.

  3. This girl scammed and cheated me too saying she has only me and i am the only for her, now i see her with a guy named Robert Fisher his facebook:
    There you can seen them together, i spent so much money to this whore and yes i also got nude pics and videos from her.
    Don’t waste your time and money with this whore and her pimp robert.

  4. Guys c’mon you don’t see? this girl is a flirter with such sexy half naked photos on her facebook she likes to seduce men for money or whatever, and she has a son?? OH MY GOSH when he will grow up and asks mama why people says you are a whore and a flirter? i am sad for him…

    1. Adam i agree with you, she’s a flirter and as what is written on her posts with such comments, certainly she’s only to flirt with men and likes to show her body to the whole world. When i asked her why she likes to posts such half naked photos on her fb her answer was in her country all women does make and post such photos on fb. May be true may be not, for me she are done, i don’t need a flirter, scammer, cheater and whore, if she want money, go work and earn it honestly but don’t steal it from people making false promises and pretenses. And i remembered when i was active on DIA how women say me, foreign men are cheaters, yeah sure, filipinas such as ana rose alvarez 5 times more.

  5. Hiya IronManUSA
    Certainly what she say to you regarding such sexy half naked pics on her facebook, a normal healthy brained filipina woman don’t put such pics on her facebook profile, bcos i have seen dozens of facebook profiles of filipina chicks and i can assure you i have only seen very few fb profiles with such flirting pics. If you take your attention this ana rose alvarez likes when the men comments on her posts where are flirtering pics, when i saw such pics of her i stopped communicate with her on date in asia.

  6. I met her on in september of 2015, we began to communicate and after 3 messages she felt in love with me. She asked me money for her and her son, for the daily needs and i was so stupid to believe her and send to her money through western union. When i wanted come to her in november she always have some kind of excuse such as, her aunt was very ill in hospital or other reasons for me not to come to her but she was always begging me for money. I stopped communicate with her when i saw her with other man on facebook, she is just a simple and ordinary scammer, cheater and big liar.

  7. I found her on date in asia past august and began to communicate, later we continue through skype, also yesterday we was communicating on skype and told her i was already in cebu with the marriage ring and wedding dress to marry with her. Then suddently she went offline on skype and tried to call her on phone but she didn’t answer. When i began to suspice something is wrong, i search her name on google, and my shock was really big when i found out she is a notorious scammer and cheater on several sites. And here i am in cebu city for her, for nothing spending many money for her monthly needs, the travel and for her wedding dress. I don’t have words to explain how i feel now only i can say a positive thing, good we are not married because once a cheater always a cheater and scammer too. Good bye cebu good bye, once and never more again.

    1. @Dave H. That’s a really sad experience. You are right now in cebu???? How awful can be some girls uh? Such girls as this ana rose alvarez makes shame all other girls who are serious and also she is a big shame for her country and also for her son, she don’t give him good education giving to all men naked pics and videos, and flirting with everyone on fb and may be other sites too. She must shame on herself bcoz the whole world looks to her right now… but i guess she don’t know what is this word because her eyes has only $$$$$ that’s the most important for her…
      Just try to move on and forget her

      1. Adam williams yes you’re right i am in the philippines now i came for her to get married i thought she was a genuine honest filipina. No i went back to manila and now i am busy to change the flight ticket and hope soon i’ll be back to home. Thanx for your concern and to try to cheer me up m8 but my heart is shattered in million pieces by this piece of shit named ana rose alvarez.

  8. I am also scammed by ana rose alvarez. It’s pity she not serious, she can act very good, she can work as actress on some love drama movie. I believed her till i found out she was a scammer and cheater. When i told her about this and other sites she still was lying to me saying its not about her its about other ana rose from cebu. Such woman in asia players scammers, liars and cheaters.

    1. @matt carlini Yeah she can act very good you believe her, she can work as porn actress with her naked pics, videos and her sexcamshows on skype, such crowded mind she has and not realize how many pain and hurts she can make to everybody. Her only goal: $$$$$$$$$$$

  9. I am also scammed and cheated by her, the same story as the other men here. I found her on and will complain them, i want my money back of the membership becos site has many scammer and many joker.

  10. This girl have a profile on and wrote me as first a message, this was 2 months ago, in december she asked for money for buy christmas presents for her son because her father is very poor to help she say, i sent her 200 euros for nice christmas gifts. May be you poor, but no lie to people, is not good ana rose and not good for education of your son.

  11. I am Vikram from India and one year ago meet this girl on, we meet in real four times and promised to marry with me. Also i give her money for her son and for her expenses six months 2000 pesos filipinos every month on western union. Now i see she is scammer and cheater she not serious and only likes to adventure with men.

  12. I am also been scammed and cheated by this scumbag. Also i sent to her money through western union but i must send on the name of her aunt LEONIDA A. ORNOPIA because she dont have any identification or passport to get the money.
    In december she asked me again to send me money but then through her sisters bank account, her message from 15 of december 2015:

    Hi hon how are you? can i ask you a favor? i want buy christmas present for my son fritz can you send me some money hon?, i cannot effort to buy something for him.
    Can you send the money to the bank card of my sister?

    Her name: Mary Grace Cabahug Alvarez
    Account number is 2310528265
    Bank name is BANCO DE ORO office phone number is (032) 253 0535

    I love you so much hon and can’t wait to be your wife.

    It seems she are changing her strategy or her sister is also in this scam game together with Robert Fisher.

    1. @Scammed by ana rose alvarez haha when such girl asks you to send money, you can be for sure she’s a scammer and don’t care about nobody only herself. Such girls lives in her own world and does not have any feelings to other people, she wants only get easy money without need go outta home.

  13. I met her on past year in october and after one week we continue communicate on IM.
    She told me to create an account on and was very easy to send money through xoom because in her place there wasn’t any branches of western union or moneygram. I didn’t neither register or send money through xoom. Scammers also use xoom besides western union. After that i stopped communicate with that girl.

  14. She is a big liar because she was today online on

    Female / Single / ID: 1294646
    Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
    Seeking: Male 23 – 41
    For: Penpal, Friendship, Romance / Dating, Marriage
    Last online: Today at 11:05 AM

    Scumbag get a job and stop scamming and cheating people and when i mean get a job i mean GET A NORMAL JOB AND NOT SHOW YOU OFF ON CAM WITH YOUR LEGS WIDE OPEN PLAYING WITH YOUR TOY.

  15. I was chatting some minutes ago with her on facebook her profile number 3, her message:

    Melotskies Alvarez says:
    Hi hon
    yes i am single and not engaged, you and my son are the most important in my life

    Frank Sullivan says:
    Are you completely sure?

    Melotskies Alvarez says:
    Yes hon i am only yours and i am waiting here when you come.

    Frank Sullivan says:
    Can you explain me then, what is this?

    You cannot reply to this conversation.

    1. @Frank Sullivan she blocked you because she are very famous now LOL
      Such girls don’t have any respect and decency to people or whatever. Just leave her behind and go ahead forgot this scammer, one day she will get her punishment 🙂

  16. I am also been scammed by this person.
    we meet on DIA and communicate later we videochat on skype. She began asking me money for her needs because the father left her and her family aren’t rich. I sent you everu month money for her needs and also for her child. Past month december i wanted come to her but she have had always some kind of excuse, when i took a look on her friendslist on facebook i found that guy robert fisher togetehr with her, and aksed who is he? she answered he was her nephew but i didn’t believe her and stopped communicate. Now i found out she is a scammer and cheater. Don’t trust pinas…

  17. The post, comments and photos says it all. I am also been scammed by her, the same story as with other men. Good i never send her money.

  18. Ooooohhhh how she quickly deleted those comments about sexy and about vid on her facebook, what she are afraid for? why she delete? welldone webmaster to have it here.

  19. She wrote message to me today on

    Hi hon yes i also want marry and have more children and good father for my son. I’am single and you are very cute. Please add me on skype melotzkieee09
    kiss you hon

    I asked her who is the guy with her on facebook, she blocked me.

  20. She tried to scam me also asking money for her needs. When i googled her name then i found she is a ordinary scammer. Suggestion, if you know the name of a girl, phone, email, just google it before you begin something with a girl from another country. Cebuanas are well know as cheaters besides scammers, just be always careful.

  21. Guys b carfull she claim here sisters husbond tryed to tape here, but i guess all she wants is your money now u know and wanted to pose nude for money too

  22. nakuha lang sa 360 and make up. I bet ibang iba hitsura sa personal na walang make up. dami na ako na encounter ganito, photogenic lang

  23. No wonder u r a victim here… Ana Rose Alvarez U r a Skammer and Cheater!! Go to work instead maybe u have better luck there!!!

  24. You show off your tits hanging out all over place on YM and then you wonder why men only want sex with you?? What an idiot!

  25. God, here we go again… Gold digger on dating’s site, tits hanging out on skype, shouting I don’t want to talk about sex but wants 500 pesos for sexcamshow.. Bizar

  26. WARNING; THIS GIRL IS NOT SERIOUS ! SHE SAY: I am very sexy girl ,simple and have time for you ,for sure i am not come for play game here you can trust me.
    “very sexy girl” and “have time for you” it says all.

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