Umida Magazova from Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

Note from the admin: recent photo added on 1-04-2017 thanks to Ulugbek Abdulyaev
Umida Malikovna Magazova (Умида Магазова Маликовна)
Date of birth: 26 August 1988
Email: [email protected],
Skype: hope8826, umida.magazova, umidamagazova,
Facebook: FaceBook (1), FaceBook (2), FaceBook (3),
Other social media: Odnoklassniki,,

Description: She (or he) is not really a scammer but a player and very rude person without having any respect or education. We started our acquaintance through dating site TAU2 on 8 of february. After one week and half we continued through skype, Umida deleted her profile on TAU2. When i asked to turn on the cam, a simple camcheck, to see if she are not fake, she went suddently offline. I waited on skype for 2 days but she or he didn’t appear online anymore. On the third day i visited TAU2 again and saw that Umida posted a new profile again there. Bcoz i have had some sense of feeling played by this person, i wrote a neat letter wishing her good luck and farewell, the answer what i got was this: Go to hell and die there together with all your family cheater i know you are married die and go to the hell old jerker motherf**k*r. I was really frightened when got such message. When i showed her my Certificate of Divorce, she tried to use it against me too. Never show such documents if you didn’t meet that person in real!. Don’t waste your time (and money) to contact with him or her, she or he is a player and so rude without any respect, doubt if she or he  has a good education from parents.

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Reported by: Ethan Parker from Santa Rosa (California), United States (et**n**ar**r***

17 thoughts on “Umida Magazova from Tashkent (Uzbekistan)”

  1. Hi, it’s me again….
    She or he has deleted suddently his or her second facebook account ahhahaha, quite suspicious.

  2. Pretty! TҺis wаs an extremely wonderful post. Many
    thanks for providing thesе details.

    1. She was my classmate at school. Lol. She was quite calm though. Never thought she’s capable on using such words…

  3. Excuse me sir! You say she is not really a scammer??? May be is because you are a american, I am fron Sweden and this is what she wrote to me, a piece of her letter
    I want so much come to your country, can you help me with visa and tickets?
    On her facebook she joined related groups about work in sweden, visa to sweden and many other.

  4. I am wesley drent 27 years from schiedam in holland. Also i had chat with her end of february on tau2 and after on skype. I never saw her, never wanted turn on the cam to see if she are real. She also wrote me about meet in holland asking me money for travel when i refused to help her with money and wishing her good luck i got this very very rude message: go to hell, u r a liar, i was right in my guesses and no need for any regards, regards to u mother who left u at the baby’s age and i think ur wife wrote messages with u and i think u were both laughing.
    GOD will be ur prosecutor. have u got much joy, pleasure and fun? and no need to go to the circus, u r a complete liar, u don’t have any moral principles. goodluck that is an empty place leave to yourselves.
    she not wanted i was coming to her. She wants come to europe at the expense of others.

  5. I know her personally, she lives in the center of city near the street botir zokirov from the bus stop paxtakor you go little down and then you go to the right on 200 meters there are her house. She was my teacher of english language, one day we just got in talk about everyday life and common things, when i asked if she are married or have boyfriend, she went rude to me and suspended me for english, i hate her because must begin all over again with english in another private school.

  6. I got in touch with her some months ago through the dating site where she had a profile there, the same pics. When i refused to help her with money for visa and flight tickets fee, i got this message from her:
    you and all your family will burn into HELL. I was right in my guesses that you are a fucking motherfucker, i regards to satan who will take your life and from your family into HELL burning all together there satan is my friend and he will burn you all into hell DIE DIE DIE SATAN will be your prosecutor

  7. She was on profile Member5787631 when i not wanted help her with visa and flights she went also very rude to me, writing bad words about me, my family, my son. She is teacher of english? She writes as a little girl, my son of 5 years old can write much more better in english than umida.

  8. Well..she’s not a Nice Lady at all! try to avoid her 😉 her words doesn’t hurt me at all 🙂 but says a lot about the person itself..

  9. This gal contacted me through facebook and began ask me about where to find jobs in Sweden, bcos I am from Sweden and seems this gal has one target, to come and live in Sweden. I blocked this gal when became rude sending me messages as how above here bcos I won’t help this gal from idontknowwhereistan.

    1. I was getting harassed through my facebook by this gal, one of the messages:


      And many more messages, i’ve sent to the site admin. Her name on facebook is: Mgzv Umida
      I blocked her on facebook and reported her profile.

      1. This gal harassed me today through the other facebook account, i have blocked this account also and reported it to facebook. Very sick mind this person.

  10. Umida has mental problems, just ignore such messages. On facebook umida is active on groups such as i am lonely, loneliness, lonely and other related groups, people rejects umida because of her character behavior and umida wants to get some attention on such groups but they ignore her at all. She wants when the world goes around her and everybody do what she says. Her mother didnt give care and attention to umida but to her sister, thats why.

  11. Hello
    My name is Kashif Bashir from pakistan.
    I got message from this person on my facebook page asking me to help her with work, make visa and flight tickets, she wants go to the middle east. I ignored her request.
    Here is the message from facebook what i got yesterday from umida

    26/02/2017 9:52AM

    Salom Kashif Bashir, my name is umida magazova living in tashkent uzbekistan, not married without children.
    Can u help me finding work in dubai and also with the visa and tickets for the plane?
    I want so much go to work in dubai and i need ur help asap.
    If u ar single i am willing to marry with u to get the papers.

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