Maja Sanchez Maja Bird from Warszawa, Poland (but mails is sent from Mexico)

Names used: Maja Sanchez, Maja Bird,

Mail Headers: 1) Received: from [] by via HTTP; Thu, 21 Apr 2011 03:57:47 PDT
2) Received: from [] by via HTTP; Fri, 22 Apr 2011 03:18:24 SGT

E-mails used: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected],

Last update on 12 of July 2013. New mails added from this very active scammer.

Description: How is your day?. I hope you’ll enjoy my letter. I’m not sure where I found you. perhaps I found you at some social network or dating site…  I don’t know for sure because  that happend long time ago. But in any case I’m excited that now I can write to you. I’m sure it’s charming to talk with someone from foreign country. Maybe we could read at least a few letters and get to know each other better? perhaps we could become friends  Are you in? Join me. By the way What is your native country? I live in capital of Poland. It’s name is Warsawa. I love to learn new people and I’m ready for dialogue and for a new friend. And what about you? Do you feel the same way I’d appreciate a little of your time for me. Currently I see new country for my vacation. Tell me more about your country Customs and traditions? I esteem any information. I want to thank you in advance. I want to go on vacation for a long time.
Sorry I was not offered. My name is Maja. Could you introduce yourself? I hope I did not take much of your time. I’ll be waiting for your reply. as you remember I expect to have a conversation with you soon. Maja.

Such letters is what you should receive from this scammer.

Photos used:

Reported by: Paul McWire, Eddy

24 thoughts on “Maja Sanchez Maja Bird from Warszawa, Poland (but mails is sent from Mexico)”

  1. Hi there!
    I also have change about 2 months emails with this woman(or guy).
    At the beggining she(..) talks about her profession, her dreams, her family.
    She had a convincent history. have call me one time.After some mails, began falling in love, talking about her projects and came in a trip next to me.
    she asks about the number of IBAN to make a transfer. Be careful with this scammer.

  2. Recently this “person” tried the same scam attempt but this time using another alias, in fact 2. Maja Nowak and Maja Shroeder.
    This scammer is still using the same photos and the same introduction as well as the same type of speech.
    Since the “Modus Operandi” as been verified and the photos are a match to other attempts, the only conclusion is that this scammer is still very active.
    Stay alert for obvious errors of speech, wihtout answering back to any question and also be alert to the fact that sometimes there are drastic changes on the subject, like an damaged record, allways on the same track.
    Another tip, it’s also possible that this person maybe using photos of other previous contacts and trying to use those photos to disguise itself and to present diferent patterns of introduction.
    Be Alert and Stay Safe

  3. Recently this “person” tried the same email attempt but this time using another alias, Maja Berg from Poland,this one letter from the last 2 months,
    And ask me now my home telf and mobile nr.
    a letter from Maja:
    Sorry I can’t write to You sooner. I was busy. How are You? I hope You have a good mood. I wish You a wonderful day! I would like to tell You a little about myself. I live in Poland, in Warsaw. This is a pretty old town, which have their own charm like all capitals I think. This is a wonderful place to live. River Vistula run through.Personally I am very hardworking and determined girl. I have my own women’s clothing store here in Warsaw.It’s a small store ,but my clothes are choosing women who have good taste and like to looking perfect.For me, it is important thing to do what I love. I love to create something new. I always try to look prospects for the future. So I created the design of women’s lingerie.I have higher education. I graduated from the University of Art and Design. These were unforgettable students years for me. Even in university I did the first and important step for my design of the future.I live in a suburb of Warsaw in a fairly comfortable home. After my grandmother passed away, her house moved to me. My mother and her younger sister live in Warsaw in apartment. I like to embody my ideas into reality. I have an idea, and moreover, it is my dream. I want to work remotely for large corporations who make clothing as a designer. I see this a lot of pluses, It’s the dream of my life.I love to learn new peoples and I love good and interesting people. I like to spend time outdoors, like leisure, travel and camping. I love the sun and the beach too! I love fruits. It’s my small weakness:) At night I prefer veal and red wine.I would be interested to know more about You. What do You do in life? Where do You work? Maybe You like to travel? Do You love to know new people? Do You like to spend time in a women’s company?Big thanks for Your pictures!I look forward to more detailed tale about You. I hope to hear Your reply soon. I wish You good mood! Write to me.Sincerely, Maja.

  4. ik zag jullie verhalen en ik denk dat ik te maken met de selfde Maja.
    zij zegt dat ze Maja marsh heeft en zij is from polen warszawa. kleding designe enz…ze vroeg ook om een transfer te doen van uit india. en ik heb ook veel foto’s van haar.
    zij gebruikt deze mail. [email protected]

      1. ja bekend verhaal maar zij of hij is wel een van de betere gaf zich uit als maja kowalski. Probeerde ook de IBAN truuk bij mij.
        Ik heb echter geen buitenlandszakenrekeningnr en dat antwoord heb ik ook gegeven. Daarna heb ik e niets meer van vernomen. Wees gewaarchuwd ,want voor je het weet wordt je bankrekeningnr geplunderd

  5. THIS SAME EMAIL SHE USED…… [email protected]
    I apologize to those I doubted their words and sincerity, about Maja Kowalski Country: PolandCity:WarsawaAddress: Ignacego Krasickiego, 9Postalcode: 02-629, at least she did, she lives at this address, Since 2 months she make me fall in love and then she asks me for my telephone number so she calls me and asks me my bank details, I gave her the details of an account that did not work and no money on it, supposedly to allows it to open a clothing store lingerie women’s in England and it pays 3543 Euros on the account and four days after my bank Santander indicates that the money is false and calls the police to me a hearing and lock myself in a dungeon and closed my account and fees.

  6. Ach ik ging gewoon voor de lol ermee in zee. Ze gaf zich uit voor Maja Kowalski.
    Zij is 1 van de betere scams. Maar ik kreeg argwaan toen ik haar een gewone postkaart naar haar huisadres stuurde. Kreeg deze terug met de medeling unkown erop. Toen heb ik voor mijzelf de beslissing genomen om er mee te stoppen
    Ze vroeg vlak daarna om mijn IBAN account. Hieruit bleek dat ik de enige en juiste beslissing heb genomen. Mannen ! Geef nooit !!!! privacy gegegevens als je bankrekeningnr af . Je zult echt alles maar ook alles kwijt zijn
    Een gewaarschuwd mens teld voor 2

  7. Maja is a fake name. He/she uses this name to scam people. The pictures that he/she is distributing are surely not her pictures because he/she could be caught easily. i was about to be the latest victim if not of the fact that I know what is scamming and if you are somebody who spends time on the internet you can easily know them. Interpol should locate and catch these people.

  8. I was recently taken in by a woman calling herself “Julia”. In one of her last e-mails to me she said her last name was “Zagorski” and she lived at ul. Ignacego Krasickiego 9, 02-629 Warsawa, Poland. This person uses the same letters that the person called “MAJA SANCHEZ” uses. This person also gave me her phone number and I called her many times only getting through to her once and after that, only getting an answering service. She send me many photos, and she is quite beautiful and it’s easy to fall under her spell as she is quite convincing. This person finally asked me for banking details. I knew then that she was part of a scam but I didn’t want to believe it. FOR ANYONE READING THIS, PLEASE BE CAREFUL, BECAUSE, IF YOU GO ALONG WITH THIS, YOU RISK GETTING IN MUCH TROUBLE AS SHE DOESN’T OR THEY DON’T CARE IF YOU GET CAUGHT BY THE POLICE. I went along with this because I was amazed at how far this was going and also because I sincerely cared for this person. A few weeks later over $7,000.00 USD were put into the account I opened. I checked the account and again I was amazed at this. The bank knew from the minute the money was put into this account what was going on and so did their investigators. Fortunately, I didn’t touch any of the money or I would have been arrested!
    Again, to all who read this, BEWARE, and remember the old saying, “if it sounds to good to be true, it isn’t true”! I have photos and I will attempt to post them here on this site.Aug

  9. Ik deed de hele ,,rit ,, met Maja
    van april 2011 tot september 2011
    Na twee maanden wou ze geld laten opsturen naar mij van haar ,, klant,,ik heb het afgeraden maar twee maanden later vroeg ze het weer en ja waarom niet ?
    het geld kwam op mijn rekening en ik moest het plots naar haar vrienden sturen met Western Union veel bedankjes en,, liefdesbrieven,,telefoontjes,, voor het gebaar en daarna niks meer
    Een maand later werk mijn bankkaart ingeslikt door de automaat en de reden was :
    het geld was overgeschreven van een Belgische firma naar mijn Belgische rekening mijn rekening werd tijdelijk geblokkeerd voor verder onderzoek

  10. That fucking bitch, I knew it was a scam! I just got my second email and decided to google her name ” Maja” at the top of the page was this forum. That’s hilarious! I’m glad you guys posted about this, not that I would have given any info to her but still it’s dangerous shit.

  11. jazeker na wat onderzoek kom ik veel namen tegen die ze gebruikt de foto`s zijn van iemand anders waarmee ik contact heb gevonden via research van een kameraad.
    ik ga hier haar naam niet noemen maar ze komt uit tjechie.
    Ga niet in op de mails van maja of hoe ze zich ook noemt ook gebruikt ze foeto`s van een model simona krainova dus mensen google eerst even voordat je in de scams trapt

  12. I am trying to sort out how this scam works have not sent any banking details because I have found this scam site first. are they trying to launder money?

  13. probably an organisation behind this who use mallware to steal money from firms and let it launder by using these scams so they cannot be traced by using own accounts.don`t get fooled with ponecalls or something and neither by mails !!!
    She uses different names and different nationallity`s for instant polish or czech…
    I am working to figure out who is all behind this and as soon as find news i will add it here…

  14. Lera Kowaleski or Waleria Kowaleski i got one someone claiming to be polish lingerie designer in Warsaw Poland emails are [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]……I looled up ISP on was Poland one Germany one Florida look up website A Little Thing Called Love….. whole scam is outlined there….they send pictures of a beautiful blonde ….once they feel comfortable hit you for all banling account numbers BEWARE SCAM

  15. Hi
    Yes I fell for a lady calling herself Lera Kowaleski months of emails then one looking for my bank details but she signed letter as Kira and photos of a different woman.
    I have to say is was well done, but if someone looks for bank details or money it’s a con.

  16. i fell for this girl lera too and i was prepared to meet her then she moved to ukraine, to kiev, hey i got scammed, but opened an account for this girl but never put my money in, also she told me she left her design shop in warsaw, poland, i checked out warsaw with a friend and the shop she said was a furniture shop, so much for cloth design.

    waсht out for the email address: [email protected]
    waleria kowaleski

    and marina : [email protected]

  17. I got email from [email protected] being talking to her/him they must use model to fool us.They made model use my name and say my lovely my name dam there good they nearly had me only I google her email address thanks very much guys.i feel sad and angry people can be so evil.

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